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PSO2 Gets Bunch of Tiny Upgrades

1st Arks Station happened. It delivered on the trailers so I guess it was okay. Feels like the new presenters are trying to find their footing though. It started off slow.

Anyway, here’s the most interesting parts:

Orbit Collection File

Orbit spreads its love to every weapon in the game. Orbit Rifle will be nice, since a Stun Grenade toss both restores PP and sheathes the weapon too.

Double Saber and Jet Boots have great PP restoration on normal attacks, so should be good.

Katana might be nice with lobby action cancelling, but Orbit Bow already works well enough.

The sheet is notably missing Gunslash though. Hopefully it’s a repeatable quest reward. Maybe.

New Rings

Gathering drop rate and fever buffs incoming. Shironia and Tunnels are going to support gathering. Some notable new rings:

L / PB Homing
Adds homing ability to thrown photon blades. Slows them down a lot though. Could be bad for tech cancel – Will have to see how they play out,

L / Jumping Dodge
Press jump to get invincibility frames. Gunslash finally has a defensive maneuver, though I wish it was done more elegantly.

Perhaps this could be useful for Forces and Techers using Gix too, to avoid resetting the potential. At this rate, Techer might need a full set of 4 rings.

L / Slow Fi-Action
Slows down the speed of Fighter’s weapon action. Makes it easier to time dodges and parries, but lowers DPS. Personal preference item.

No Right rings. I get that Right rings have a finite amount of skills to draw from, but there’s still a lot of potential. R/Charge PP Revival would be amazing for Techers and Bouncers. Or an R/Territory Burst.

With this addition, only Skyscape, Sanctum, Kuron and Seabed don’t support gathering. So two more updates to go, seems to line up with the end of Ep 4.

Mass Tekking

Mass tekking is finally coming! I-I only suggested it half a year ago and all…

The underlying problem is that Excubes are way inflated, and that’s not likely to change.

13★ NT Factors

Using a +35 NT weapon as affixing fodder will boost the success rate of some affixes. Astral Soul being in that list is interesting.

For affixes like Power V and Spirita V though, it seems silly to spend millions for 5 more ATK or 1 more PP.  A mechanic to give hardcore players a reason to keep collecting files I suppose.

Phantom Falz

I just had to do this.