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PSO2 – Las Vegas Update Infodump

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA cityscape

There’s a lot of stuff in the Las Vegas update! As usual, patch notes on Bumped, most of the details on PSOW and I’ll give my $0.02 and tl;dr version here.

Las Vegas Area

I choose R S T L N E

Two types of maps:

  1. Las Vegas Free Field – Enter by completing Koffee’s Ability Review: Tokyo quest
  2. Riding Quest – Enter by completing Koffee’s Military Raid: Las Vegas quest

After unlocking the Free Field, go straight for the Riding Quest since it has bonus drop rate.

Las Vegas Collection Files

Available until October 19th, 2016

Of the three 13★ series, only the Wand and Titan series (Knuckles, Dual Blades, Partisan) seems decent.

The Titan series gives 15% more damage taken while unsheathed and 15% more damage dealt. The extra damage taken will probably end up coming back to bite in Ultimate Amduscia so I really wouldn’t recommend them.

 Form Scythe

The Form Wand is possibly the best boss killing Wand for a Techer, since its shockwave counts as a separate hit from the Wand smack and explosion. It’s an SATK-based Ranged-type attack that can headshot, and damage is close to a Wand Gear explosion.

Somewhat overlooked are the 12★ NT weapons stashed in the collection files.

 Agry &   Echleos

The Katana and Jet Boots have a Zero Range potential, which isn’t too bad for these weapon types, although they are obviously at a disadvantage on Ragrants on Hatou.

Agry is acquired via the Knuckle sheet, strangely enough.


Twin Machineguns have a Moving Snipe potential at 15%, not half bad for Gu/Hu or Gu/Fi.

Considering their 13★ counterparts this series are either nonexistent for the Katana, or do not have good potentials in the case of Jet Boots and Twin Machineguns, might as well save the Lambdas.

New Rings

They should be self-explanatory so I’ll skip what each ring does. Here’s what I think of each one:

L/Jet Boots Element Keep

Doesn’t affect Vinto. I’d say stick with Tech Charge Parry.

L/Bullet Bow Homing

Worth getting. The default normal attack is terrible.

L/Standing Sign, L/Another Launcher Mode

A. Launcher Mode’s parabola is difficult to control, but apparently the area of effect increases with level. On the other hand, Standing Sign does almost nothing. Still, I’d rather go with Standing Sign because straight bullets are easier to hit on Magatsu. If I wanted to kill things in an area I’d… use a Photon Art :p

L/Short Mirage

Turns Mirage Escape into Step. It’s not just shorter, but fast too.

L/Wand Element Change

Zondeel, Zanverse and Megiverse will change its element. Still, possibly worth getting for Te/Hu and Te/Fi vs. bosses.

R/Just Reversal Cover, R/Adrenaline, R/Heal Share

Don’t seem very worthwhile compared to existing options.

New Summoner Pet

I know it exists, still waiting on my mystery collab person to comment!

New Affix

Full Vegas Soul drops from Devil’s Trailer and Vegas Illusia. Seems to have the same properties as Toh’oh Soul, i.e. used to make X The Soul.

Closing Thoughts

Content wise, it’s a big update. In practice, it should keep Techers busy, what with the new Wand and useful Ring.  However, most other classes can probably pass and come back for Ultimate Amduscia or the Lunar event.