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PSO2 – Trying Out Extreceptor with Flict

There’s a new affix on PSO2, Extreceptor aka Extreme Receptor. An affix obtained from PSO2es Emergency Quests. Increases Flict and Alter affix rates to 100%, and increases Stat IV affix rates to 60%.

Practically speaking, Extreceptor only drops at low slot counts. Up to 4 slots is cheap for weapons. Units… not so much. I happen to have a 4 slot Rifle that needs upslotting, so here’s trying the new affix out.

First off, Till the Soul, Abil 3 and Yamato all don’t upslot well, so they’re going.

Hello Mizer Soul and Doom Break. Mizer is a 5 RATK downgrade but makes it possible to get a 100% chance to upslot.

After that comes the fodders.

  1. Two Doom Breaks
  2. One Extreceptor
  3. One Soul Receptor
  4. One Flict Tiro

Extreceptor thoughts

For weapons going up to five slots, this totally changes how to get Flict/Mod/Noble. No need to mass fodder anymore, something like this:

Base ItemApprentice SoulJunkJunkModulator
Fodder 1Soul ReceptorPower IIIJunkJunk
Fodder 2JunkJunkExtreceptorJunk
Fodder 3Quartz SoulPower IIIFlict ArmaJunk
Fodder 4JunkJunkJunkModulator
Fodder 5JunkJunkJunkModulator
40% Booster, Add Special Ability (ATK & PP)
FinalQuartz / App SoulPower IIIFlict ArmaModulatorNoble Boost
Chance100% (60%)100% (60%)100% (60%)94% (54%)100%

Has a 94% chance to pass and negates the need to make Flict/Modulator fodders. Even replacing Apprentice with an Ultimate Quest Soul like Bayari will not affect success rates much.

The cheap variant until Doom Break jumps in price would be to replace Modulator and Noble with Doom Break and Ability III. Unfortunately, Doom Break will no longer be obtainable in two days, so time to start hoarding.

For weapons above 5 slots, or units, Extreceptor is still prohibitively expensive and will likely stay that way.