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Destiny 2

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Destiny 2 is possibly one of the best feeling action MMORPGs ever created. The game has evolved drastically along its journey, receiving an almost complete overhaul in 2020 when Bungie released the Beyond Light Expansion and moved a huge chunk of the existing content into the elusive Destiny Content Vault. However, some things never change – the relentless search for Destiny 2 Xur is a case in point. Xur enjoys keeping us guessing by randomly changing his location each week. Although we know that he will be selling exotics in one of a handful of places, tracking him down can still be tricky.

One thing we know for sure, Xur shows up every Friday at noon (Eastern Time) and disappears again at the same time on Tuesdays when Destiny 2 resets. If you’re looking for weapons or armor that you don’t have, Xur’s your vendor.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Post Content Vault

The Destiny 2 Guardian community has grown by over 20 million new players since 2019. It seems that the MMO’s developers are happy to keep the game as it is, meaning it will probably never become what it is capable of becoming, and what die-hard VRMMORPG fans, like myself, were hoping it would become. But who knows what might happen in the future.

Or, as Savathûn puts it, “Who decides what is true in this universe of light and dark?” As with the content vault, that may or may not be released in the future, Destiny 2 may yet surprise and go full dive VR. That’s probably wishful thinking.

Coming in as a New Player

It’s no surprise that the number of devoted guardians keeps growing. Bungie goes to extreme lengths to create experiences that are far removed from regular gameplay and yet equally as good, or even better, than other RPGs. For every player that leaves the game, there are more coming in.

It’s the novelty of the experiences that gets and keeps players invested in this franchise. Sure, as a new player you may be overwhelmed by the complex interface and volume of in-game items, but after your first sparrow ride, you are officially hooked. The thrill of the raids and dungeons make you feel like a kid again. Being a relatively new Destiny 2 player is probably the best position that you could find yourself in right now.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Reveal

No doubt, the unveiling of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen trailer had us all on the edge of our seats. The official release date, 2.22.22, is enough to blow your mind. Bungie certainly knows how to spice things up with a dash of theatrics. The awesome thing about the upcoming installment is that we’ll finally be getting more insight into storylines that go all the way back to Destiny’s origins.

Although I don’t believe that we’ll ever see Destiny 2 in FDVR mode, there’s still a lot to love and look forward to. For starters, there’s Savathûn’s Throne World, pocket universes created by powerful entities, and Hive armies with the power of light. The expansion promises to be haunting and beautiful at the same time. Full dive virtual reality or not, we can’t wait to dive in.