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PSO2 – Grind NT Weapons with Emergency Quest Drops

Once upon a time, Excubes were needed for Grind Success 30% and FUN to buy Risk -2s and Grind Success 10%s. Then NT grinding came along and made that all irrelevant.

So I have a surplus of Excubes. Emergency Quests continue to give me even more 10★s. And finally I happen to have five new 13★s to grind, courtesy of Yamato. Time for some resource reallocation.

Too Many 10★s

After running Extra Hard Emergency Quests as the same class for a bit, I began to notice a trend in the drops I was getting:

Trace more bows for me please

That’s a lot of copies of the same moderate rarity weapon, and some even come pre-grinded, so I did the logical thing anyone would do with a pre-grinded 10★ and a buncha copies…

+4 to +10 in two weapons

Mash them together, then unlock and do it again:

+10 to +19 in five weapons

Eventually I stopped at +20, because taking a 10★ from +20 to +30 takes nine copies of the same weapon. And then another four more 10★’s worth of Photon Spheres.

It’d be more worthwhile to make a new +20 fodder from scratch, so I did, and ended up with a bunch of 550+ EXP fodders made of 10★ junk.

I-I guess it isn’t junk if it’s useful…

According to Swiki, it takes roughly 16 Lambda Grinders to reach +30 using these fodders. That’s a round of Zieg weeklies on one character and two Yamato’s.

Also takes roughly 2-3 million meseta between making fodders and actually grinding and unlocking. That’s about a week’s worth of dailies with Time Attacks and Extreme Quests thrown in. Especially with enough luck to get lots of pre-grinded weapons.

Abuse Class Drops for NT Grinding Fodder

This method works best if you play a class with two class weapons instead of three. Fighters and Hunters are at a disadvantage, but other classes will get very consistent same weapon Dio drops.

Swiki has the full rundown of all the bonuses that can be gotten for NT Grinding, but afaik this is the most practical application of it.

So who needs Empe’s Embrace fodders anyway? Just gogo mass moderate rarity junk weapons with same weapon bonus.