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PSO2 – All Classes’ S-Rank Solo PD Playthroughs

Getting an S-rank on solo Profound Darkness is actually hard :/ Still trying to figure it out myself!

So I’ve been doing a lot of homework watching videos and trying to figure out how the fight works. It turns out there’s a Youtube of every class getting an S-rank, so that’s a lot of variety to work with.

In general, I feel like some classes have it a little harder than others, but for the most part it feels doable with enough practice. Any decently-geared character should be able to clear this, although they might need to pull out all the stops, like a Shifta weapon, crafted abilities, team tree ATK buff and so on to hit the 12-minute timing.


A Su/Gu can do this in under 5 minutes by throwing pillows. Probably no surprise there.


Sword Hunter is fun to watch. It has so much variety in PAs to handle everything the quest throws out. Guilty Break gap closes very effectively, Ignite Parrying eats up attacks for free. Even when out of PP, Sacrifice Bite-0 makes sure DPS isn’t completely awful when recovering PP.

There’s another Wired Lance run that’s pretty close, setting up Holding Currents very creatively.


Fighter is just beastly at sustainable damage, and weapons like Knuckles and Daggers are straight up designed to stay in-your-face. That timing on the red core with Quick March though :O


Knowing the fight well seems more important for Ranger than other classes, because they can break so many rules. Unlike melee classes, they don’t need to wait for PD to faceplant to do damage. At the same time, positioning is really important to not get surrounded and trapped because their defensive options are awful. For 1,000 HP this Ranger does very well.


Gunner’s typically the first class to solo a full raid boss, so a good Gunner shouldn’t have too much trouble on PD. It’s just Grim Barrage chase, pew pew and Chain on staggers. Has to go Gu/Hu though. Gu/Ra doesn’t work too well with all the non-weakpoints.


Before Maron memes, there was Talis Throw Ragrants and Barantsion. Still works. This Force intentionally gets confused and binded for Super Treatment though.


So much Step Cancel Ragrants! This is a Wand-only challenge, so no Rikauteri shenanigans, but still gets an S rank.




Dual Blades seem more practical for this one, if only because the DPS is more consistent and the gap close is faster. Couldn’t find any Jet Boots video though.