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No sticker, no Flict Ultimate Buster. What a lot of trouble for nothing �?

Anyway, here’s my notes for each stage of the new solo XQ, Heaven and Hell. Spawn manipulation makes most of this manageable, if not easy. Stage 10 is killer though.

Stage 1: A herd of Nyaus


Keep a palette slot handy with something to hang in the air when Nyau comes a-scratching. Every class has something for this, here’s some ideas:

  • Hunter – Jump and Air Pocket Swing
  • Fighter – Jump and Twin Dagger Spin
  • Ranger – Jump and charge End Attract
  • Gunner – Aerial Shooting and shift a lot
  • Force, Techer, Bouncer – Multiclass Jet Boots, double jump and charge a tech
  • Braver – Jump and charge Kamikaze
  • Bouncer – Heavenly Kite and normal-shift

Stage 2: Knight Gear ► Dragon Ex ► Gigur Gunnegam


They’re not too bad since they come one at a time. Usual strats handle this fine.

To make Knight Gear easier, break his sword. For Dragon Ex, break his right arm – the one that extends into sword attacks. Gunne is pretty much just a waiting game for him to freeze himself and get headshotted.

Stage 3: Bird Darkers and Aginis ►Nove Ringdarl  and Diabo Igrythys


Main thing is to not have both bosses spawn at the same time.

Killing the bird darkers will spawn Ringdarl, killing the Aginis will spawn Diabo. Ringdarl is easier to stagger and faster to burn down. Should be easier to go for that first.

Stage 4: Bonta Bearadda and other toy Darkers and Kuronites


The Bearaddas have very short aggro range and can be pulled one by one. Not much else worth mentioning, this stage is easy.

Stage 5: Bunch of Rappies and Gryphon Gels


Kill Rappies before Gels spawns. Julius Nifta helps. After that, Gels is pretty much Harukotan TA.

Stage 6: Vol Dragon and 3 Caterdrans


They have serious damage buffs but aren’t UQ enemies, therefore they’re slow. Staying in one spot means getting fireballed or burrowed. Moving should make this easy, but stay close to Vol Dragon so it doesn’t breathe fire. Being in the air makes this cake.

Stage 7: El Ahda, Wolgahda and Decol Malluda ►Apprentice Clone, Elder Clone, Loser Clone ► Falz Hunar, Falz Angel


I’m surprised Falz Dorumble didn’t join in the fun!

The El Ahda has a tendency to get caught in AoEs and randomly die, so it should get killed first to spawn Apprentice, then kill Apprentice.

After that, Wolga and Malluda can both die in any order to spawn the two human clones which are pretty weak. Falz Hunar is easier to stunlock and burst down while the Luther clone doesn’t seem to do much aside from making bad circles on the floor that take ages to do damage, so get Elder Clone and Hunar first, then Luther Clone and Angel.

Stage 8: Gulfs/Oodan/Malmoth-types ►Banthers, Rockbear and UQ Gulf/Oodan/Malmoth-types ► Mecha Banthers and Bayaribbles


Take out the trash quick. The Malmoths and UQ Gulfs like to spam projectiles that hit from nowhere otherwise.

Rockbear and Bayaribbles die fairly fast, those should be taken care of before spawning in the Mecha Banthers. The Banthers themselves are pretty standard, after which the worst situation is an enraged Falke Leone supported by Vilma Leopard’s missiles, so Leone needs to die fast. Thankfully nerfed HP makes this alright.

Stage 9: Matoi Viel and Persona (Sword)


The stage objective is to not take damage for 60 seconds. Failing this will greatly increase the chances of a fail at stage 10.

Burn down Matoi before she gets a chance to attack. She tends to open with a homing shot, then use wide attacks, but she’s very squishy. Unload Backhand Smash, Chain, PBF or any burst in general to quickly take her out. After that Persona should be cake.

Another method is to run around the stage for 60 seconds, but not a fan of that.

Stage 10: Council of Six ► Anga Fundarge ► Dio Hunar ► Profound Darkness


Summon Julius Nifta before warping in to clump the Council of Six together. The really dangerous ones are Casra who casts Zan and Claris who uses Rafoie. While Nifta is holding them together, do whatever AoE burst necessary to make quick work of them. A Gu/Hu gets the job done in a single Bullet Squall Type-0, so the HP threshold is not high at all.

Anga is just standard Ultimate Quest/CM2 play, minus pesky adds, but it does need to die fast before Dio Hunar shows up.

Dio Hunar itself is fairly squishy. Break arm orbs then burst during its stagger,

The last boss is the Persona-type Profound Darkness with a huge damage buff. Its energy balls hit for 400ish damage, while its Over End hits for over 1300. So far, consensus seems to be to either kite it with PBF, Elder Rebellion and other ranged attacks, or cheese it with Katana Combat and Guren Tessen or spawnkill with Zanverse Barantsion.

Other Notes

13★ weapons definitely help here, since a lot of the stages are about “kill X before they become a PITA”. Automate helps too, to the point where Gu/Hu has a much easier time than Gu/Ra, because of both Automate and Profound Darkness not having weak points.

Entry costs are too high and rewards are terrible though. I wish it dropped Pleaides instead of Toranas ;_;