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PSO2 – Infinite Fire Type-0

It finally happened. Infinite Fire lives again o_O

How Infinite Fire Type-0 Works

Infinite Fire Type-0 works very differently from its original counterpart. The crafted version added today is essentially two Photon Arts (PAs) in one. Has a base Power notation of 2400 or so before merit/demerit. PP Consumption goes as low as 35.


Uncharged, you fire a bunch of weak, pointless bullets and kick at the end.

If you hold the PA button, i.e. you “charge” it, you fire a gigantic shot at the end after the tiny shots and kick. Huge AoE, huge damage… it’s pretty good.

The kick itself stuns, but otherwise does pathetic damage, so most of the power is concentrated into the final shot. Strangely, the kick itself is Ranged, unlike the kicks in Reverse Tap and Dead Approach which are Striking.

Infinite Fire Type-0

Not lying. Gigantic.

Now here’s where it gets interesting: The tiny shots are considered the charge animation for this PA. If you have TMG Arts S Charge, you can do a different PA before Infinite Fire Type-0 and get the S Charge bonus. So you can skip right past the weak tiny shots and go straight to the kick and hard hitter.

On the downside, the PA moves you back. No Standing Snipe after 🙁 Also the range is pretty short. It’s more like a huge Satellite Aim.

According to Sony Movie Studio, the S Charge version is about 80F, and Power seems to be approximately 1250. Chain Finish with Dead Approach ► Satellite Aim ► Infinite Fire Type-0 ► Dead Approach should be possible, just trying to get the timing down.

Initial Thoughts

At first blush, the new PA covers two big gaps in Gunner gameplay.

First one, TMGs now have a hard hitter other than Satellite Aim. In fact, it hits so hard that with the S Charge bonus, it might have better DPS.

Second, this is pretty a decent area of effect attack. No need to depend on Shift Period as much.

Infinite Fire Type-0 seems to be geared towards Gu/Fi. Doesn’t benefit from Standing Snipe but benefits a lot from Tech Arts JA. Huge PP consumption to push into PP Slayer, although the PP efficiency is still comparable to Satellite Aim. The kick at the start stuns for Chase to apply on the big hit.

What with TMG Arts S Charge last update, the feeling I get is that they’re pushing a certain class combo pretty hard. Not that I mind, beats the same old Gu/Ra and Gu/Hu.

I’ll be testing Gu/Fi out with this a bit more, but initial results are promising. Next up, though, I need to look at Kestrel Rampage Type-0.

12 thoughts on “PSO2 – Infinite Fire Type-0”

  1. nice comentary for the new crafted PA 🙂 makes me dust out my gunner a bit. do you think you could do one for the new Kestrel Rampage?

  2. You said, “PP Consumption goes as low as 36.” but it is possible to get +0 on cost for the craft, making 35 PP be the lowest. Also, according to swiki, the kick is also considered a range attack, despite what it looks like, so it’ll still get all of the bonus to range-damage for the kick. But that doesn’t really matter much with it only doing 2% of power notation.

  3. May i ask? Does TMG Art S charge work for using magic PA after a TMG PA? Thanks.
    I’m currently interested in Gu/Fi playstyle, it feels more like a Gunner than a Ranger as Gu/Ra and i wanna try magical gunner too.

    1. Nope only a TMG PA.

      Gu/Fi is just… abuse TMG Arts S Charge with Tech JA PP Save to the max xD S Charge Heel Stab, Infinite Fire Type-0 or Aerial Shooting

    2. Which kinds of abnormal status will work on most bosses? Does stagger animation count as one?
      I wanna ask this to consider between maxing Chase Advance and maxing Slayer

      1. None. Chase only works on mobs. Even if bosses are affected by a status e.g. Vol Dragon being iced by Barta, the status icon doesn’t appear on them, therefore they’re not considered statused.

  4. Tried the PA. Flashy but IMHO it’s bad.

    – Negates your Standing Snipe. Sends you backward and may put you out of Satellite Aim range. (Hence preventing Sat Aim -> Sat Aim -> Infinite Fire 0 -> Sat Aim -> …)
    – From 2500%-ish damage, the final shot is only 50%. Which means you’re paying 35 PP for 1200-ish damage. Not cool. (The mini shot part does 36% while the kick is 2%. Doesn’t total to 100%!!!)
    – By the time you finishes kicking and shooting (plus the recoil), I think you can do twice Satellite Aim (mid-air) which translates to 1448% damage. Idk, it just feels sluggish.

    1. Swiki released the numbers. You do lose Standing Snipe but It’s about 82% the PP efficiency of Sat Aim with 15% higher DPS and wider AoE. It’s also 81F, so you can do slightly more than a Sat Aim and a half in the time it takes to do an IF0.

      I honestly think it’s a bigger thing for Gu/Fi than Gu/Ra. For Gu/Ra, it’s a situationally useful option for when you need a big burst of damage in front. For Gu/Fi with Tech Arts JA + PP Save and no Standing Snipe, there’s no reason not to set it up whenever you can :p

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