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PSO2 – Phantom Battleship Yamato (Dignity of Steel) Notes

Warship is moored on a frozen river

I’ll just leave my 2nd run here. Played through as Gu/Fi to be less WB reliant, since Tokyo choppers and tanks don’t have readily accessible weak points

So this is Phantom Battleship Yamato:

  1. Kill Tokyo trash
  2. Kill immobile turrets
  3. Hop into AIS and kill more immobile turrets
  4. Photo op and collect loot.

Avoid bad-looking shapes on the ground and enjoy the cool music. That’s all there is to it, so I’ll focus on other stuff now.

Phantom Battleship Yamato Collection Sheets

There’s a bunch of new collection sheets, conveniently color coded for reference. They require Phantom Battleship Yamato kills and Tokyo trash kills. The Tokyo mobs are fairly trivial and can be farmed in Tokyo Free Field XH, so the bottleneck is Yamato.

With the following:

  1. 30% Daily Triboost
  2. 250% Rare Drop Boost
  3. 100% Triboost

Each Yamato Emergency Quest (EQ) pop gives 30.42% of the required Yamato kills. That means one 13★ in four EQ pops. If there’s a way to increase Rare Drop Rate by a further 46%, that will bring it down to one 13★ in three and a half EQ pops.

The number of required kills is another bottleneck though, meaning Umblla Stick won’t work unless you leech all the way (bad!). For now the following seems to work:

  • 15% Premium Drink
  • 10% Team Tree
  • 25% 7-Eleven Donut
  • 50% Total

That means 10.5-12 Yamato EQ pops for a 60%. 3-4 weeks of casual play should be a reasonable estimate.

The Fire weapons are Phantom weapons, which have a potential that increases damage by 1% every time you kill a mob, capped at 15%. No information on whether it decays like weapon Gear does, but off the bat, they’re already a terrible choice for boss killing weapons.

The Ice weapons are D-A.I.S. weapons, which reduce PP generation by 60%, increase damage by 10% and crit damage by 7%. Rifle should be alright when paired with Orbit Launcher for PP.

The others are Seiga, Quartz and military-themed weapons that are similar to their Earth counterparts. They aren’t half bad for the most part, considering the collection sheet is significantly easier to grind.

Fairly easy to get, middle of the road 13★s for the most part, but the D-A.I.S. weapons seem promising with paired with a Crit ring.


Tokyo and Yamato collection sheet 13★s have been confirmed to drop in there. Average Excube returns seem to be around 40. More or less decent returns.