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PSO2 10th Player Enquete Survey Response

Survey wanted 400 characters? I went for 387! :’D

Here’s my response.


私の願いは、各クラスが複数の実用的なオプションを持つことです。 たとえば、 “Bo / Huにはマッシブ乙女が、Bo / Fiには高い努力高い報酬があります, Bo / Guにはゼロレンジとチェインフィーバーなど”。

現在、現実はBo / Huが他のサブクラスよりも多くのダメージと防衛を持っています。その上に、バウンサーと他のクラスはヒーローに追いつかない。私は “ただヒーローを遊ぶ”と言わざるを得ない。

私はPSO2の美学が大好きです。私もPSO2のアクションを好きです。でも、私が何度もゲームに戻ってくる理由は、何か新しいことを試す能力です。9つのクラス、それは8つのサブオプション、1つの上級クラス、多種のスキル、PAを持っています。 私は実現したその完全な可能性を見たいと思います。

And what that means is:

I really appreciate the effort SEGA has put into the game. However, there are some design decisions I do not agree with.

I wish that each class has more than one practical option. For example, “Bo/Hu has Massive Automate, Bo/Fi has high risk high reward, Bo/Gu has zero range and Chain Fever, etc”

Right now, the reality is Bo/Hu has more damage and defense than other subclasses. On top of that, Bouncer and other classes can’t keep up with Hero. I can only say “just go play Hero”.

I like PSO2’s aesthetics. I also like PSO2’s action. However, what keeps me coming back to a game is the ability to experiment and try something new. There’s 9 classes with 8 subclass options, 1 advanced class, tons of skills and PAs. I want to see the full potential of that realized.

Same thing I’ve been saying here, more or less, but squeezed into 387 characters. Feel free to copy paste if you feel the same way.

7 thoughts on “PSO2 10th Player Enquete Survey Response”

  1. I agree with you whole heartedly, with Hero being released, I keep seeing Heroes left and right, its so fun to use that other classes became so slow to handle…

    I would love to copy your survey and post it again so SEGA can see how many people are concerned with what you stated…. but where and how can I post it? 😀

    1. many people seems to forget that hero can be played in many way, seeing hero left and right isn’t a problem, seeing an mpa full of sword only hero is, though people slowly migrating to talis and tmg or start weapon switching lately, so once the meta formed, my argument start losing value too

  2. Copypasta’d because Jet Boots need an extra… kick, if you catch my drift.

    And DBs. And Bullet Bows. And Ranger in general.

  3. Small update. To the best of my knowledge, Hero stops being good as you get deeper and deeper into XH and classes start getting their nicer gear. Plus, there’s been nothing but buff after buff for standard classes over the past six or so months, and character level 85 in April (not available for Hero any time soon) is going to be the biggest buff of them all. This is at odds with Sega implying that they want to do away with those “9 classes with 8 subclass options” altogether and just have a small set of advanced classes (Hero) to balance.

    It seems that people use Hero because it’s easy, not because it’s good. It’s like how everyone was spamming Summoner, except the only great thing about Summoner was Maron/Melon being silly when it was first released (which was already some time after Summoner itself was released).

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