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PSO2 – Sharp Bomber Type 0 and JB Tech Arts S. Charge

Those are pretty much the only two things of interest to me last patch, so I’ll get to them.

Sharp Bomber Type 0

Sharp Bomber when crafted becomes chargeable with decent DPS for a Bow attack. Still too inaccurate to handle mobs well, but packs a good punch when used with Banish.

Like Infinite Fire 0, it really works well with Fighter’s multipliers and Tech Arts JA Bonus. Unlike Infinite Fire 0, builds with Ranger should still find some use out of it.

It kills Standing Snipe for the attack that follows, but by itself, it’s still the highest damaging charged Bullet Bow Photon Art that does Ranged damage. For a Br/Ra, Banish into two Sharp Bomber 0s and a Pen Arrow at the end should give the best bang for PP.

Unfortunately, it’s incredibly inaccurate and the area of effect is small. On moving targets, don’t expect it to be reliable. I would still recommend a Gunslash for Br/Ra or Launcher for Ra/Br against mobs.

L/Jet Boots Tech Arts S. Charge

At +11, charge times are reduced to 70% reduction. At +20 I fully expect it to hit 50%. Essentially, the casting and firing time of Concentrated techs when added together will be cut to under 1 second.

This is very nice for Jet Boots, because you can now very quickly set them to the correct element right after a Vinto.

A rotation of Tech – Uncharged Strike Gust – Shift – Vinto is still close to 5 seconds though, which is very much on the slow side. Jet Boots remain too slow for Profound Darkness sadly.

L/Non Weak Bonus

Rangers have a new must-get ring. Applies the full effect of both Weak Hit Advance skills to Launcher attacks at +20. Rangers finally have an answer to Tokyo mobs! Can’t say this feels like an elegant solution though.

Other New Crafted PAs

Some of the new PA crafts have interesting results. Sacrifice Bite Type 0 gives a hilarious buff to normal attack damage.