PSO2 – Why I’m Not Getting 13★ Gal NT Weapons

The 13★ Gal weapons are here:

Get them with the Kuron collection files. The files expire on October 5th, and… they came at a bad time.

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Just a very minor update to say if you play Fighter and don’t have 13★s yet, PATCH NOW :O

Ethan and Karen are handing out easy Daggers of Serafi NT and Crea Doubles, just need to complete their Client Orders, which look something like this:

  1. Do Ruins Exploration with Ethan and Karen
  2. Do Sanctum Exploration with Ethan
  3. Do Anja Duriri Demolition with Karen
  4. Do Kuron Exploration with Ethan and Karen
  5. Tada 13★ Client Orders unlocked!

For Crea Doubles, just kill 200 of every enemy.

For Daggers of Serafi, 200 Kuronites, including 5 Gau-Ogakibarus and 15 Anushi-Zagris. They expire only on October 19th, so the upcoming Regiment of the Wicked seasonal quest should cover these easy.

PSO2 – Trying Out Extreceptor with Flict

There’s a new affix on PSO2, Extreceptor aka Extreme Receptor. An affix obtained from PSO2es Emergency Quests. Increases Flict and Alter affix rates to 100%, and increases Stat IV affix rates to 60%.

Practically speaking, Extreceptor only drops at low slot counts. Up to 4 slots is cheap for weapons. Units… not so much. I happen to have a 4 slot Rifle that needs upslotting, so here’s trying the new affix out.

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I Got Yokoso’d at PSO2 ARKs Festa ’16

So… lemme get this outta the way first. I got more doujin swag than official swag because it was PSO2 day @ Comiket 90. ARKs Festa happened to fall on the same day and both started at 10am.

I figure every other time of year I can support Sega, but this one time I’d rather support the fans first, so doujin it is (along with some official stuff):

I think I overdid it a little…

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PSO2 – Going Through Old Posts and Updating

So much backlog! Doom Break, Yamato Factor, Ray weapon recommendations, PA crafts… it’s a little depressing. At least Beach Wars is boring, which is why I’m here :p

Anyway, Affixing 101 is updated. Not many changes though. Doom Break just introduces a new alternative for cheap upslots. Yamato Factor is an alternative to Modulator, so doesn’t change much either.

PSO2 Gunner Guide is updated too. Some stuff about TMG Arts S Charge, crafted PAs and putting all my Gu/Fi notes down.

PSO2 Dual Blade Bouncer Guide is also updated. Mostly Kestrel 0 and NT weapons, and taking out some really old stuff about crafted weapons.

PSO2 Jet Boots Bouncer Guide is also updated. Again, mostly NT weapons and taking out crafted weapons.

Summoner I’m getting some extra help on, so that should be about it for now.

PSO2 – Grind NT Weapons with Emergency Quest Drops

Once upon a time, Excubes were needed for Grind Success 30% and FUN to buy Risk -2s and Grind Success 10%s. Then NT grinding came along and made that all irrelevant.

So I have a surplus of Excubes. Emergency Quests continue to give me even more 10★s. And finally I happen to have five new 13★s to grind, courtesy of Yamato. Time for some resource reallocation.

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