Unitia Overview

Not many games let you put a chuuni mage, an office lady and a wild boar in the same party. Unitia does. In half a year, the game’s grown to a cast of more than 100 playable characters, ranging from familiar stereotypes to original characters.

Unitia is a casual Japanese gacha RPG with simple mechanics, appealing art and visual novel-style storytelling. The two worlds in the game, Neorand and Mistrare, are fused together by a strange incident. One is a modern day world and the other, a medieval fantasy setting. The main character brings together a harem and a fluffy round animal mascot to fix things.

Mistrare brings your usual isekai tropes such as fireball casters with excessively long chants and knights with oversized weapons. Characters from Neorand are equally eclectic, toting hover buzzsaw yoyos or throwing money at enemies like a true modern day whale.

This moronic laugh must be…!

Unitia Home Screen & Gameplay

The interface is comic book-like take on the gacha genre, with solid colors and lines, and bold drop shadows. In the center of the home screen, there’s a voiced partner character who will comment when you do something – and a wide breadth of things to do.

Unitia’s Home screen with translations

Gameplay works in a simple turn-based format. You have a party of six characters. Five go first, one sits in reserve. Each character has a normal attack, two active skills with cooldowns, and one passive skill.

All characters, even the humble 2⭐ wild boar, can be rarity upped to 7⭐. Although higher base rarity characters have a stat advantage, many base 3⭐ characters have specialized abilities that can make them useful in quests.

Unitia Main Story

Unitia’s main story is 5 chapters long with around 20 quests per chapter. Completing this will give player rank ups, free gems and a ticket to freely select one 5⭐ of choice. The story is told in Visual Novel format, so there’s a lot of text to go through. Thankfully there’s a Skip button if you don’t want to learn Japanese :’D

Unitia Events

Unitia usually has an event running at any time, and it’s one of three types: Limited Quests, Raids and VR Fields. Events run for two weeks, and give good rewards.

Limited Quests pack a bit of story in short quests, which eventually unlock 4 repeatable quests. You get 5 tickets every day to run these repeatables and collect event currency to buy 5⭐ event characters as well as 5⭐ summon tickets.

Cash in your event currency for fabulous prizes

Each repeatable run takes about 3 minutes each, so Limited Quests only need 15 minutes a day in total.

Raids pit your party against a boss. The total damage you do in successful raid boss kills then gets added to your raid score for the season. As your score goes up, you unlock rewards including a Nyanfu at the end to Limit Break any character of your choice without needing a duplicate – save them for your best 5⭐ of course. Opening a raid keeps the quest open for an hour, and the raid boss needs to die in that timeframe, for your score to increase. You can keep rejoining your own raid to make sure the boss dies, so it’s not a huge challenge.

Finally, VS Field put your party against 3 waves of characters, and farming VR Fields gives VR summon tokens. These can give 5⭐ tickets at a low chance, along with other useful materials.

Unitia Guilds

You NEED to join a guild in Unitia. Joining a guild lets you run the Guild Quest for daily rewards, including free gems and gacha tickets. The quest itself is an exercise in wailing on one of the 5⭐ characters in the game as hard as possible for 70 turns, and only needs to be done once a day.

Try using “Advanced Search”
And search for guilds with vacancies and Auto Accept

Unitia Arena

One of the dailies in Unitia involves playing against other players’ teams in the arena, though their characters are played by bots. You only need one match and win or lose doesn’t matter as far as daily rewards go.

Climbing through the Green, Blue and Red ranks, the main reason for losing is usually underlevelled characters and equipment. More serious ladder-climbing gets better rewards. Breaking into Bronze rank will net 150 gems a week, which is half of a 10-pull character gacha. Having a fully levelled and rarity-upped party of base 4⭐ characters, equipped with 4⭐ gear and good synergy should take you to Silver, and that’s quite achievable as a free player.

Unitia Character Advancement

Advancement in Unitia is straightforward.

Levelling Up

Every character can be levelled to level 50, by farming Enhancement Material SP quests of the corresponding color.

These quests have a daily rotation, and on the weekends, Red, Green and Blue materials are unlocked on Saturday while Dark and Light materials are unlocked on Sunday.


Characters can be Evolved by farming Ethers from Evolution Material SP quests to increase their rarity, up to 7⭐. Evolution Material quests also have a daily rotation.

Limit Break

Characters can be Limit Broken up to 5 times, although most of their stats come from the first two Limit Breaks. Limit Break 3 to 5 give small gains.

There’s two ways to Limit Break characters in Unitia. One is to feed them duplicates of the same character. The other is to feed them a Nyanfu, which is typically given as a reward for Raid events. Raid events tend to cycle in every 6 weeks, so if you already have a 5⭐, it can slowly be limit broken for free over 2 months.

Unitia Gearing

Equipment comes in 4 slots, each with a different primary stat:

  • Headgear for HP, colored green
  • Weapons for Attack, colored red
  • Armor for Defense, colored blue
  • Footwear for Speed, colored yellow

On top of that, specific items have a fixed secondary stat. For instance, the 4⭐ cat’s collar will always come with 10% Followup Attack. The third stat however is random.

You level gear up by feeding them Equipment Cores from their respective Equipment SP Quests, and can change their random stat by using Hammers.

The two main sources of gear in Unitia are SP Quests and Gacha. Starting out, any 4⭐ from SP Quests is fine, and SP Quests may eventually give 5⭐ gear too. Later on, for really optimizing a party, you can save up free gems to gacha for specific stats. Importantly, there’s a Crit Chance increase gacha that happens approximately every 2 weeks, so you can make a set of Crit Chance gear.

Limited Quests will also let you pick up an item with a predetermined primary stat and secondary stat, with a third stat of your choosing.

Unitia Dailies

Unitia’s daily quests are quite low maintenance:

  1. Pull a Gacha: There’s a daily free pull of the Gold gacha
  2. Enhance a Character: a daily gives free Enhancement materials every day
  3. Cheer a Friend: just have at least one friend and press the “Cheer” button everyday
  4. Run an SP Quest: The character roster is big so there’s always a next character to work on
  5. Fight in the Arena: Just look away 😂 or keep plugging at it, the real pay-to-win happens only at the highest brackets

And as mentioned above, there’s an “unwritten” daily to run the Guild Quest of course.

Getting free gems in Unitia

The two biggest sources of free gems are the Arena and weekly Guild Quest rewards.

Every week, you receive gems based on your Arena ranking. The highest bracket is Platinum 3, but free players can aim for Gold 1 to get 300 gems a week – that’s one 10-pull on the character gacha.

Every week, you also receive gems based on your Guild’s Guild Quest ranking. As long as you’re in an active guild where people use parties with the right color to run the Guild Quest, you should be able to get 300 gems a week here. If you’re looking for English guilds, hop into Discord and ask around for open guilds:

DMM Discord

Getting Unitia

I’m liking Unitia as a casual and F2P-friendly gacha game. It’s easy to pick up and nothing’s extremely gated. As an F2P player you can save up and be strategic about which characters to go for. Paying a little to support the developer helps with getting a more complete harem party of course.

The game can be found on the Japanese Google Play Store, or QooApp or APKPure:

Unitia on QooApp Unitia on APKPure