Unitia: Grim Reaper Seraph Raid Strategy

Unitia has a Light element raid running till 16th May. The boss uses Stun attacks and hits like a truck 😡 thankfully a 3⭐ character has been buffed to help… somewhat.

Shireena Character Overview

Shireena (γ‚·γƒͺγƒΌγƒŠ)’s auto skill provides Stun immunity, and for the Grim Reaper Seraph raid, her HP, Attack and Defense are boosted by 30%.

Honestly she’s just a 3⭐ so if this boss didn’t stun, those stat buffs wouldn’t make her all that needed. But it does and she has some interesting tricks too.

Shireena’s Skill 1: Battle Qigong (ζˆ¦ζ­¦ζ°—εŠŸ)

Using this skill increases Attack by 40% and Critical Chance by 40% for 3 turns, with a cooldown of 25. Of course, having one of her skills do nothing but self buff means she needs a way to put all that buffage to use, so she’s somewhat gear dependent to get extra attacks.

I suggest putting enough gear with Critical Chance (γ‚―γƒͺγƒ†γ‚£γ‚«γƒ«ηŽ‡) on her to to reach 100%, as well as lots of Sudden Attack Chance (ηͺη™Ίζ”»ζ’ƒηŽ‡). That way, every time anyone gets a turn, she has a chance to smack the boss for a guaranteed crit with a ton of Attack buffage behind it. Pretty much use the buff and watch her carry the raid.

Shireena’s Skill 2: Rising Spin Kick (ζ˜‡ε€©γ‚Ήγƒ”γƒ³γ‚­γƒƒγ‚―)

Just a usual big ol’ single target attack with 185% Power behind it that also happens to inflict a 30% Speed debuff. If you can get 100% crit on it, you can get some very nice numbers from this.

Handling Grim Reaper Seraph

This guy hits hard. Thankfully it’s not all that fast and has long-ish cooldowns. Having an all Purple element party helps. You need enough defenses to survive it’s first burst of two AoEs, then enough healing to recover before it goes again in 20-ish turns.

Without 5⭐ characters, that’s probably 2 defense boosters and one healer, or the reverse, then Shireena, then one more damage dealer and whoever on sub. With that, getting to 70 turns should be manageable.

Defense Boosters

There are a few defense boosting options in Unitia. Here’s the standouts:

Qliyun (γ‚―γƒͺγƒ₯ン) being a Defender type is an obvious choice. Her auto skill buffs the party’s Defense and her Skill 1 reduces enemy Attack by 30%. She’s also specialized for low target counts, so her skill multipliers are quite decent.

Planeta (プラネタ), if you picked her up during last year’s event, is also great. Her auto skill reduces enemy Critical Chance, and her Skill 1 and Skill 2 are debuffs that reduce Critical Chance and Critical Damage further.

Daina (γƒ€γ‚€γƒŠ) is more of a offensive support that happens to have a defensive auto skill to boost Block Chance by 15%. If you need a little more defense just bring her into the party and let her Attack buffs help the party’s damage too.

Poniina (γƒγƒ‹γƒΌγƒŠ) is the banner character and a 5⭐ so it’s no surprise that she’s more OP. Her auto skill reduces enemy attack and both her skills are pretty big debuffs. Using her means you can probably get away with taking one less healer or defense booster.


Qua (γ‚―γƒΌγ‚’), Leve (レむヴ) and Leonora (γƒͺγ‚ͺγƒŽγƒΌγƒ©) are the traditional style healers. Both their skills are straight heals, no mechanical hoops involved which is great for consistency. Their auto skills are also either healing or defense related. Qua has a slight advantage because her Skill 1 also reduces damage taken for the target but they’re all fine.

Lyla (ラむラ) is more of a damage dealer hybrid. Her only heal is Skill 2 which recovers HP based on damage done. The skill only has 80% Power so it doesn’t hit very hard or heal a whole lot, but as a secondary healer who does some damage, she’s fine.

Damage Dealers

With damage dealers you know what you’re getting. Just grab the best Dark characters you have, besides the defenders and healers.

Corta (コルタ) is the only standout here. She’s a 4⭐ but her Skill 2 inflicts extra damage on Light enemies. and her auto skill buffs Followup Attack Chance and Critical Chance on Dark characters. Very useful to have for supporting Shireena.

No banner characters or 5⭐ are absolutely needed right now, although there’s always room to improve. Either way, the raid runs till Thursday the 23rd of May.