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Going for a Ride on Closers JP

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Hey it happens to be run by Sega anyway! Can’t say I’ve played enough for a proper review but some first impressions:

  • It’s a side scroller like Dungeon and Fighter.
  • The main quest is fully voice acted :O! Sasuga Japan.
  • Cel shading works well with SGSSAA in nVidia Inspector. Looks pretty enough with that on.
  • Seems like a casual game in general. Fast levelling, straightforward skill learning, typical Korean MMO gearing. The nice thing is there doesn’t seem to be a Stamina system.

For the near future, I’ll probably stick with Closers for a bit, until Soul Worker reaches Open Beta. Might weave in a bit of Grim Dawn. I’ve been feeling like doing something different after a year and a half of PSO2.

And here’s the 2nd mission I played on Closers. I’ll post a progress report in a few days ^^;

P.S. About PSO2

Yes I’m on break from PSO2 but I’ll Be Back™. Keeping an eye out on Bumped and the livestreams. My guides should be in an OK place for now, skill rings didn’t change a lot and I’ve updated the part 3s to include Rings. I’m personally waiting for a little shakeup. I can only Satellite Aim, PBF or Moment Gale this many times before it becomes stale :p

Main things on the to do list are Melon and Maron for Summoner, If anyone’s interested in helping for that, let me know.

I’m also open to contributions for other classes. Maintaining three classes is already quite a handful for me. If anyone wants to contribute say… Ranger, Force or another perspective on other classes, hit me up on Twitter, PSOW, Reddit or click the “About” page for my email. You’ll get full credit for your articles and I’ll be happy to link back to your Twitch, Youtube, Blog etc.

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