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The Elder Scrolls Online has many issues

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Most of the games I play have been pretty quiet, so I thought I’d try The Elder Scrolls Online out. And then I fell through the floor.

The game is sound in concept. Non-targeting action combat, fully voiced quests with variety and more in-depth objectives than the generic “kill 10 x”, a customizable skill palette, pretty graphics etc.

What ruins it is how poorly they have been implemented.

As I’ve played the game’s incredibly clumsy combat system has been very apparent.

There have been instances where I spam attacks only to hit air even though the target is right in the middle of my crosshair.

There have been instances where my crosshair mysteriously toggles into the mouse cursor despite the keybind being too far away to press by mistake, and even when I change it back to a crosshair, it turns into the cursor right away.

I have also encountered laggy telegraphs that make Champions Online feel snappy – I’ve dodge clean out of AoEs only to have them hit anyway.

I have encountered strange targeting logic, where a target would stand on top of a dead, lootable target and all attacks I throw out end up being thrown at the dead target.

I’ve also had projectiles and melee attacks hitting me through walls  and terrain.

In once instance, my character stopped doing skills altogether – even after dying and respawning, it was still unable to respond to any commands.

So in essence, the combat sucks, and that’s just compounded by the game’s design – Korean MMO style. Questing is intended to be paired with grinding to reach the next level. In other words, you have to throw yourself at the horribly bugged combat system again and again.

I’m still playing though. It’s something to do for now, but I don’t see myself staying subbed after the 30 days are up.

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