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Elder Scrolls Online – Stonefire Machinations Guide

Simple looking enough quest. Enter district, kill mages. Enter sanctum, kill more mages. Enter bottom floor.

And then two shadowy elites show up. Whoa. Good thing I’m playing a Sorcerer.

The one on the left is a melee dual wielder. The one on the right uses a fire staff. So…

  1. CC the melee
  2. Burn the caster
  3. Kite the melee back towards the door so the boss doesn’t jump you while your bars are almost empty
  4. Kill the melee to spawn the boss
  5. Pull the boss towards the door
  6. Kill the boss. He’s a CCable melee.


I honestly did not expect that the boss’ adds would stay at their spawn point. I thought it’d just give extra burn time before they reached, but you take what you can get :p

The build I used is my usual levelling build. Negate Magic was really useful here.

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