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I lost interest towards the end of my first month so I didn’t quite make it to the end of the main story – was level 44 at that point. Felt like having some closure so I resubbed today, and on the same day…

Why hello there Epilogue

I honestly thought I was further from the ending :O! Or at maybe I was just too tired of all the bugs at that point. Hit detection feels better now though, and bows seem to have gotten some nice buffs.

Initial impressions of Veteran levels are not good. After being made to do pointless FedEx and kill X monsters for the first 50 levels, I get to do that all over again for the endgame… TWICE? :/

You’d figure endgame progression would kind of plateau out so everyone at cap is at roughly the same level of power. Then they can add y’know, the Massively Multiplayer part of the game?

Anyway, I’ll traipse around the Veteran Rank areas and update my levelling build Soon™, along with some impressions of VRs after the August patch hits. It looks a little different closer to 50 after a few more skill points to play with and new skills opening up.

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