PSO2 – Video Roundup 4/12/2015

This week’s pretty slow. New Emergency Quest and not much else. Three vids though.

Going Wild on Easter

How does a Gunner/Ranger mob? With Gravity Bomb and a lot of pewpew. Ngus2angus shares a video of the new Wild Easter 2 EQ as Gunner/Ranger.

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PSO2 Video Roundup 4/5/2015

There was a PSO2 livestream this week, so that takes centerstage by default. New Ultimate Quest and new skills coming in a couple weeks, things should get busy.

It’s not a Gundam!

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PSO2 Video Roundup 3/29/2015

Trying out a new series of posts here – every week (I hope) I pick a few videos of PSO2 gameplay with interesting yet effective builds, new tactics or just plain new missions. This week we have an episode of Maggy Busters.

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