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Summoner Guide Pt.4: Pet Attacks & Strategy

Torim is the workhorse pet for any aspiring Pokemon trainer. A player could ostensibly go through the entire game just by spamming one of its earliest attacks, but if that’s not enough, Torim also learns a host of other useful attacks. Its main drawbacks are paper-thin defenses and a tiny area of effect on its attacks.

Torim Stab

Torim’s gap closer. Darts towards the target in a flash and pecks for a ton of damage. Lightning fast, hits like a truck and has a moderately wide area of effect. Comparable to the first part of Katana’s Guren Tessen. If in doubt, mash this attack.

Torim Slash

Torim flies around and does a flurry of quick slashes. This is a PP efficient, but lower DPS version of Torim Stab with no gap close. Given Torim’s Tryhard personality, this is still worth using for longer boss fights. Torim Shout buffs the damage of this attack by 20%.

Torim Bullet

This is Torim’s recall attack. Torim fires a projectile that inflicts damage over time (DoT) on the target, then returns to its master. Torim is invincible during this attack, making it a great emergency button. The DoT damage is quite significant as well. Torim Shout buffs the damage on this by about 67%.

Torim Shout

Learned at Torim Level 20. Torim screeches. Tiny 360-degree AoE that deals decent damage, though not nearly enough to justify its PP cost by itself. The main use of Torim Shout is to buff its other attacks for 20 seconds, namely Torim Slash, Torim Bullet and Torim Spiral.

Torim Spiral

Learned at Torim Level 40. Torim charges for an ungodly amount of time, then slashes down for a ton of damage. Don’t let the button go unless Torim is in mortal danger, or the attack is fully charged, which takes around 5 seconds. Torim Shout increases the damage of this attack by 150%, which ends up in a ridiculous amount of damage if the boss lets Torim sit there for 5 seconds.


Wanda is a persistent little mutt that refuses to die. At low levels, it’s not too useful because mobs tend to die outright to pets with faster attacks, but towards endgame, its toughness and damage allows it to hold its own against stronger bosses and mobs when the other pets take a dirtnap.

Wanda Break

Wanda does its trademark “Wufwufwuf!” while spinning in a circle circle. Enemies caught in the area of effect take moderate damage. A canine version of the Partisan’s Slide Shaker.

Wanda Slicer

Wanda does a pair of forward slashes. Area of effect is not very big, and damage is quite average, but this is a PP efficient attack that works well enough against single targets.

Wanda Assault

This is Wanda’s recall attack. Wanda uses Tackle! Wanda Assault is strange in design: it gap closes, but causes Wanda to return to its master at the end. The return can be cancelled for Wanda to press the attack, but this is really mostly used for recall.

Wanda Shock

Learned at Wanda Level 20. Wanda channels its inner Jolteon and unleashes a large field of lightning. At 25PP, this costs quite a bit, but the area of effect is wide. Good for clearing trash in lower difficulties.

Wanda Pulser

Learned at Wanda Level 40. Wanda performs an uppercut that has a DoT effect built in. Mainly used for bosses, where the DoT helps with Wanda’s lackluster DPS against single targets.


A cat-like pet that excels in ranged attacks, Sari is incredibly useful for levelling fast in Advanced Quests, but its usefulness drops off in higher difficulties, where its low damage poses a problem.

Sari Plode

Sari lobs a large, bomb-like ball of energy in an arcing trajectory. It has a fixed travel time regardless of distance, so a Sari Plode aimed close will still take ages to detonate. Highly inaccurate, but due to a lack of anything better, this is Sari’s main method of dealing decent damage to beefier targets, especially if Zanverse was cast beforehand.

Sari Fall

Sari creates a narrow gravity well with feeble suction strength that barely tickles. Unfortunately, short of using a multiclass Talis and pretending to be a Force, Summoner does not get any better options for ranged crowd control. Use this if absolutely necessary.

Sari Curse

Sari fires an energy ball that inflicts Lv. 10 Jellen for 10 seconds. In practice, this is comparable to the Techer skill, Deband Cut, except with around 5% the duration.

Sari Chaser

Learned at Sari Lv. 20. Sari fires a seeking bolt that chain pierces through targets in a wide area and knocks them down. The bolt travels fast, but turns in wide arcs, so if it decides to take anything other than the shortest direct path to the next target, chances are it will miss or spin awkwardly out of control for a few seconds.

On a properly-geared Summoner, this is a staple for Advanced Quests, where Sari Chaser will mow down hordes of mobs for a mere 15PP. In higher difficulties, it barely tickles, but is still good for drawing the attention of speeding Goldrahdas in a pinch, or knocking over Predicahda & friends before they jump to a tower, and can be buffed by casting a Zanverse before spamming.

Sari Territory

Learned at Sari Lv. 40. This is Sari’s recall attack. Sari returns to the owner, then channels a small-ish field on the ground that does poor damage at first, but if the button is held, this eventually ramps up to something comparable to Nazonde.

In the time it takes to gather a group of mobs and wind this up, a Force would likely have toasted them with Gifoie spam. Against bosses, the field is fixed at the point where it was first created, so if the boss even moves an inch, this may no longer hit a weak spot until it winds up again, or may no longer be hitting anything at all.

As of writing, there is a glitch that enables Sari Territory to be used for 0 PP cost, but it is slated to be bugfixed.


Starting out, Torim Stab or Slash vs. bosses and Sari Chaser vs. mobs are likely to be your best friends. Enjoy winning with just two attacks.

In higher difficulties, Summoner play becomes a bit more nuanced.

Sari Chaser is still relevant for pulling attention from mobs before they reach a tower in Tower Defense, or hitting large crowds from a safe distance. However, Sari does not have much killing power, so another pet needs to come in.

Wanda is a decent go-to pet for handling tough mobs, using Wanda Shock for wide area, Wanda Break for clustered mobs and Wanda Slicer to clean up. Against bosses, Wanda is also decent if things get too hot for Torim. Open with a Wanda Pulser and use Wanda Slicer, recalling with Wanda Assault to heal or buff as needed.

Torim is the high damage option if the situation is safe enough to use it. Torim Stab is great for handling both mobs and bosses. Set up a Torim Shout into Torim Spiral if a window presents itself.

Against bosses, use the Summoner skills Alter Ego and Point Assist for more damage if needed, but use Alter Ego with caution since it shares damage taken by the pet with you.