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Summoner Guide Pt.3: Gearing and Raising Pets

So the planning part is done, now we get to the actual doing. Summoner does not use a traditional gearing system. Instead of continuously upgrading and replacing gear, you start with a low level pet which needs to be fed and given candy in order to become stronger.

Instead of the 13★ weapon hunt, Summoners are subject to the 13★ candy hunt instead, with the average candy requiring about a quarter of the effort of a max element 13★ weapon. On the bright side, there is no need to deal with Dudu nuking affixes or grinds.

Starting Out

First off, meet the Summoner trainer, Pietro. He’s fabulous and your friend.

Pietro gives you a 6★ Wind element Wanda egg, but don’t use it. Scrape together the meseta – Gunslash if you have to – and search the Player Shop for a 7★ Torim egg, ideally with Light element. Hatch it and make it chow on baby dog meat.

No need to feel sorry for the poor Wanda, it’s a bird-eat-dog world. There’s only ten pet slots so make them count. Pet rarity and stats are easy to fix. Pet element is not, and Wind… just isn’t a widely needed element.

Torim’s early attacks, especially Torim Stab, are enough to carry you through all the way into endgame. Consider raising a Sari on the side for the mid-levels, where Sari Chaser makes for fast Advanced Quest EXP farming, although Sari’s usefulness drops off by endgame. Wanda is not an important pet until the highest difficulties and Ultimate Quests, where enemies get more beefy and aggressive. Still, it helps to start when resources become plentiful enough to raise a second or third pet.

After a starter pet, get a decent Gunslash for your level. Baby pets are feeble minions, so even a slave-driver working behind the scenes should expect to get their hands dirty.

Don’t worry about the 100 TATK Tact, it’s purely cosmetic. If a prettier Tact comes along, go for it.


In your adventures, your pet will get hungry. Often. Pets demand six eggs every 45 minutes, but that’s good because it means they grow fast. Feed them eggs.

 EXP Egg

Very common drops. The basic egg to feed pets with. If they’re hungry and you’re poor this makes for cheap and effective food while levelling.

Other Pet Eggs

Fairly common drops. Check their personality first. If they have a rare, desirable personality, either sell or use it yourself. If not, they’re okay for feeding. Don’t worry about stat caps. Unlike Mags, each stat has an individual cap. Torim for example will always cap at +100 HP no matter how it’s fed, so just stuff it into them until all their stats are capped.

Stat Eggs

Rare-ish drops that boost a single stat heavily. These tend to sell well, so if you can afford to wait for that +4, go ahead and sell them for profit instead of feeding.

Rarity Upgrade

Pets are level capped respective to rarity. A 7★ pet caps at level 65, a level 13★ pet caps at level 120. Upgrade a pet’s rarity by combining it with a higher rarity egg at the pet NPC, Ariel:

When upgrading rarity, the NPC will prompt you to choose between the pet’s existing personality, or the personality in the new egg, either way, the pet’s rarity will be upgraded to the target egg. That means get the personality right at 7★ before upgrading its rarity. If aiming for a rare personality, go for it early, when eggs are cheap.

Pet personalities are currently designed as one that applies in combat, and one that has very little practical use. Suggested personalities are as follows. Go for the rare variant if desired:

WandaLikes Sunny Weather (晴れ好き).Increases damage in sunny weather.
TorimTryhard (がんばりや)Increases damage and PP cost.
SariADHD (てきぱき)Increases normal attack PP recovery

To get 13★ eggs, hunt level 71 and above bosses. Here’s what to hunt for eggs:

WandaNative, Phantom and Ultimate Naberius bosses. The English community organizes Doctor Ghidoran trigger runs, which can be a good source of Wandas.
TorimOceanid, Kuronian and Ultimate Lilipa bosses. This is possibly the toughest 13★ to grind until Extra Hard Shironia is released.
SariDragonkin and Machine bosses. The Tunnels Super Hard Advanced Quest at high risk has a good chance of an infected King Vardha.

Candy Box

Each pet also has a candy box, which can fit various num nums for normal people, but pets would rather feast on the flesh of their brethren and use candies for stat buffs. Compress candies as small as possible before fitting them in.

These are the important ones:


These are the most cost-effective candies that can be placed in the candy box. They cost many Synthesizers, but 1 Excube buys 20 Synthesizers at the Excube shop, so that’s not a big issue by Extra Hard difficulty. Start with two Level 2 pancakes to take the pet’s element to 50%, then erase one pancake for Level 3 when the pet gets upgraded to 13*.

Blast Parfait

Increases damage by 4% to 6% based on Photon Blast gauge. Requires 60 Ares stones from Anga Fundarge who shows up in Ultimate Quests. By level 70, go for one per pet. Every pet will benefit from it. Start with the pet you use most.

Megaton Parfait

Increases damage against bosses by 9%. Costs 180,000 Challenge Miles. Acquire them from Challenge Quests. Highly recommended for Torim, since it’s the main boss killer.

Perfect Parfait

Increases damage against elemental weakness by 7%. Drops from the Mining Base Defense series of Emergency Quests on Extra Hard. Worth considering for on pets that don’t have good boss killers. Light element pets with this will be super effective in Mining Base and major boss Emergency Quests, although this parfait will be dead in other quests.

Scapegoat Roll

When Alter Ego is active, reduces PP consumption by 10%. Acquired by exchanging 250 Yurlungur stones. This can help to counteract Torim’s Tryhard personality, but is not necessary.

Conversion Roll

Converts 4% of a pet’s DEF stat to ATK. Acquired by exchanging 250 Galeru stones. This is roughly double the effect of a cookie, or roughly 2% damage. Worth considering on Wanda, although not a big impact either way.

The other candies can be whatever. If out of ideas, put the relevant Attack Cookies, Spirita Candies, Body Sandwiches and Stamina Gummies in that order of priority. Refer to the pet candy listing on PSO-World for a full list of candies.

Unlocking Candy Box Space

If more space is needed for candies, level the pet up to make the blue blocks disappear, if even more space is needed, these are the options:

Caramel Crusher. Buy these for 8 Excubes each to remove the brown blocks.

Candy Eraser. Buy these for 10 Grinders at the pet NPC. Cheap way to remove cheap, unwanted old candies completely

Candy Extractor. Buy these for 8 AC items at the Recycle Shop. Expensive way to extract a candy for future use.

Once properly pancaked out, the pet is ready to roll. Go out there and kill things for EXP and profit.

Mag and Units

The usual full ATK Mag applies. ATK type depends on the Switch skill in use, if any.

For units, ATK transfers fully, while pet attacks are based on the player’s PP pool, so prioritize these two. Fully geared Summoners with Shifta double dipping on both the pet and the player can lead to inflated ATK, so PP may take priority to offset Torim’s Tryhard personality, depending on personal preference.

DEF and HP do not transfer and Summoner has excellent HP and defenses for a class that stands back. However, some HP helps with surviving Alter Ego hits.


L/Tech Charge Parry would be the only choice that Tacts, although Summoner doesn’t cast much. For the most part, it’s just a stat stick.

For the Right ring, options are a bit more open.

R/PP Convert would be the first choice because of Torim’s personality.

R/Perfect Keeper Tech comes in second. A little damage is better than nothing.

R/Photon Flare is third. Adds a little more than a little damage, but only half the time.

Nothing else is really attractive for Summoners.