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Soul Worker JP Open Beta is Now Live

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It’s a shiny new(ish) action MMO. New in Japan at least, but not so new in Korea.

As usual, there’s a region block. To get in from outside Japan, you will need:

  1. A Japanese VPN server or proxy. Try VPNGate.
  2. Internet Explorer because this game uses an ActiveX launcher
  3. A Hangame account which is pretty straightforward except for the Japanese captcha boss. PSOW has the answer though.

Apparently the VPN is only needed until the launcher opens, after which it can be closed.

First Impressions

Hit detection seems to be server-side. Bad!

The game is visually cute and has an interesting skill combo system though. You get to pick what bonuses to get for going deep into a skill combo. I’m loading 25% cost discount on my combo skills because energy seems to run out for free, but that might just be #lowbieproblems.

Bosses and mobs seem slow and stupid so far but knowing Korean games, they’ll probably ramp up a lot later on.

I’m going with Haru Estia for now. I’ll probably post up a character impressions post over the weekend to go through her skills, and update as I level.

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