XH Kuron Means I Need to Update My Guides ._.

The 13★ Skull TMGs, スカルフェジサー, are worth getting. Need to bump Ares off the recommended list since Skull is easier to farm and higher damage.

Kuron also drops Brisa units from E-codes quite generously. Brisa can be considered mid-range at this point.

Also need to change the recommendation on Bullet Squall. It’s very useful now after crafting.

On the Bouncer front, new 11★ Jet Boots, the toy Darker themed トルタルタ. Good for Fi/Bo when crafted since the potential is Inevitable Strike i.e. 13% more damage on Crit. With Craft Mastery it’s just a hair short of Zirenheit.

Also new 12★ Jet Boots with a potential that targets breakable parts. Honestly I’d just go for Ideal since practically every worthwhile breakable is on a boss.

Nothing interesting for Dual Blades, but here’s a Gu/Bo XH Kuron run showing why I’m so sold on Bullet Squall.