Shironia Rim hits PSO2

Okay so there’s no water, but better that reference than Shingeki right? Anyway, Magatsu is here. PSO2 finally gets a kaiju fight – as if the previous bosses weren’t big enough. It even gets a new opening with lots of anime-style parkour.

Where’s my Megazord to fight this thing with?

The actual run on the first day is, as typical of maiden runs in endgame, disasteriffic.

There’s the usual mechanics, like staying out of bad-looking circles on the ground, or in the air in this case. Just that the circles are black, and the background is pretty dark. That’s just mean :/

Also, Flying Face Bombs™ with a lot more health than expected.

VisageSphereFlying Face Bo- err… Visage Spheres

And jumping with photon-powered gravity takes a bit of getting used to. No more hovering an inch above the ground to spam the air versions of attacks.

Just about everyone else has uploaded their fail picture, so here’s mine:

MagatsuFailBAD END 🙁

At least it allows retries. Second run was a success. Still trying to figure out which weapon to use though.

First run was with Dual Blades, but it lacked the precision to land Chain Triggers. Also, air maneuverability is kind of hard because the skills travel in straight lines. Horizontally, with PB Escape or Destruction Wing, there is a tendency to overshoot. When Magatsu moseys along or bends down and up, that’s when sticking to to a face gets problematic. Vertically though, climbing with Heavenly Kite is great.

Second run was with Twin Machineguns. Better precision, but lower DPS, especially since I wasn’t on a Twin Machinegun-focused build. Tactically, Twin Machineguns seem better suited to this fight, since it has more precise control over horizontal movement. Aerial Shooting is a bit harder to climb with than Heavenly Kite, but that’s what weapon swaps are for. It’s a DPS check too though, so it’s probably a better idea to find a way to get Dual Blades to work, otherwise the whole Photon Blade Fever side of the Gunner/Bouncer build goes to waste.

First impressions are that this guy seems downright mean to grounded melee builds. They’ll have a very hard time. The aerial combat-oriented weapons – Twin Daggers, Twin Machineguns, Dual Blades and Jet Boots have an advantage here. Ranged weapons and techs too of course.

I’m thinking of respeccing to a full dual stance build on Bouncer side – 40 points to max both Break and Elemental Stance, since breakables seem to be getting emphasized in recent content like Ultimate Quests and this boss. Will also need to craft up more suitable Light weapons. Current ones are Negative Hunters, so the potential does nothing to it.

Magatsu’s going to be making regular appearances on PSO2 for the coming week. There’s a some strategy discussion going around for those who want to read up. Look here for a guide on what to break, here for a more complete guide, and here for a Google translation of the Swiki page