PSO2 Mining Base Defense: Demise Impressions

Happy holidays! It’s been busy here but hopefully I’ll be able to get back into things. Some quick notes on TD4:

Mining Base Defense: Demise aka TD4

It’s been a week in and I’ve had the chance to try out a few builds in public games there. I’ve been doing lower block runs because a teammate is stopping their Premium subscription till Episode 4 hits, and a group of four can greatly help success rates even in public games. Not to mention letting me get away with trying out random class combinations.

Here’s some thoughts on how TD4 is like per not-so-usual class combo in a public MPA.

Gunslash Fi/Ra

Does very badly here. Seems nigh impossible to get headshots on Goldras and Damoths easily, and they come very fast.

As a Weak Bullet dispenser it does alright, and One Point and Impact Slider help a lot in disabling mobile AIS Exoda. However, Weak Bullet isn’t all that necessary here and there are better Rifle users.

Jet Boots Bo/Fi

Jet Boots are great at handling mobs of Damoths, Goldras and other Darkers with Moment Gale. They’re also great at taking down stationary AIS Exoda with Ragrants – Vinto, or any window that lets them unload damage in general.

On the other hand, they’re weak at chasing down moving Exodas, and don’t have the range to take care of incoming mobs before they reach the tower in the final wave.

I feel like they’re usable, but might run into situations where they can’t do much.

Dual Blade Bo/Fi

Dual Blades feel alright in TD4. They can handle Goldras well enough and chase down Damoths. In PBF they can quickly disable Exodas too. Like Jet Boots, they’re disadvantaged when handling approaching mobs, but that’s true of pure melee in general.

If there’s Forces to handle mobs, then a Dual Blader can focus on taking down AIS, Malluda, beam turrets and other high priority targets

Hybrid Bow Fi/Br

Bow Fi/Br turns out surprisingly decent here. Damoth are very squishy, so Million Storm, weak as it is, can take them down if there’s no Fire Fo/Te present. Limit Break with LB Photon Charge and Crazy Heart help a lot with PP management in the more intense waves.

On the melee side, Tornado Dance Type-0 weaves through Goldras after Million Storm pulls their aggro, after which it can do standard Fi/Hu Chaos Riser tactics, with less damage.

There also seems to be a bug, or perhaps feature with AIS Exoda: Banish Arrow and Vol Graptor damage is multiplied again on them, resulting in hilarious damage. It’s easy to hit more than 3 million and take out an Exoda in a single combo. Not entirely sure if this is bannable, so use with caution.

With the options available to it, Fi/Br seems like it holds its own in a pub game. It can top DPS in XH pub MPAs, thanks in very large part to the Banish bug.

Ice Fo/Br

Ice Fo/Br seems effective as well, with a couple points in Freeze Keep. In Average stance, it can hold Goldras in place fairly reliably, with well-placed Gibartas and Rabartas to intercept their running path and pull aggro while slowly chipping at their health.

When Toy Darkers or Dorumble spawns in, turn on Weak Stance. Ice build is the bane of Toy Darkers and will make short work of them. Finally, it also has Banish Arrow, which means hilarious damage on Exoda.


Overall, fun quest, and fun times trying out different classes. Fire/Light/Dark Fo/Te seems well suited for TD4 as usual, but at this point I’m curious about how far I can push Ice Fo/Br. It seems to have a lot of potential here, at least in public games.

As for other stuff, quick plan here:

  • The guides need updating for Orbital weapons. This will happen Soon™ and will probably be the last update pass till Ep4
  • Been looking at Arks GP Admiral videos so might do a compilation of that.
  • I don’t really feel like saying something about Earth and Tokyo Metro Ghidorah since it’ll all be speculation at this point, but I do want to make an Ep4 wishlist just because it’s the new year and dreams may come true :p