PSO2’s New Limited Quest and 13* Comparison

I need to update some older posts for the new skill point quests and 13* weapons. Some quick first impressions though.

The new 11* units seem to have a set bonus of only 30 ATK, not worth it even for entry-level. I’d stick to crafted Hiei, Tian or Negro set.

New 12* Jet Boots with a potential that’s the Tech equivalent of Zero Range Advance. Pass. New 12* Nox Dual Blades with Greater Strategic Stance – that’s interesting, will put that in the DB guide Soon™.

As a side note, I’ll be updating the builds for 89SP too.

As for the new 13*s… here’s how the Twin Machineguns stack up. Headshot Satellite Aim by a Gu/Ra with Shifta Drink, 90 ATK Tian set and 80 ATK affixes on all four pieces of equipment. A 12* and an 11* were also thrown in for reference:

TMG Comparison
(Damage calculator link)

Assuming a 6% damage bonus, It’s weaker than specialized sub-13*s like Blocker Bread, but still a tiny bit better than a generic one like Blitz Fender. Better than Ideal on mobs too, although that’s not much of an achievement.

That’s enough for a rough idea of where the Xie weapons stand. Looking at Jet Boots, again vs 12* and 11*:

JB comparison
Damage Calculator Link)


Surprisingly, Xie’s Jet Boots are worse than Evil Pirikanet with a Magatsuhi/Vento set too.

Not going to do one for Dual Blades, the potential won’t work with PBF.