PSO2’s Mid-October Update is a Huge Buff to Like, Everyone

10% from Titles, Photon Art boosts all around, even Kreisenschlag finally got fixed after more than a year.

Only had time to try Gu/Ra and Fi/Ra out so far.

Shift Period is much faster and the burst hits for like, 25k x 3 on headshots. Elder Rebellion had a huge buff too. Never been much of a Heel Stabber but will be trying that out in the coming days. But the Gunner guide is going to need (another) revision.

Fi/Ra comes into its own this update IMO. While other Fi/X combinations don’t benefit from the subclass’ weapon, Gunslash is an all class weapon so it does get the bonus, and Kreisenschlag gets fixed too. It’s an amazing mobbing PA now that even holds its own in Ultimate.

Other things on my to-try list are the Strike Gust buff, the Justice Crow buff the Orchestra and Illusion Rave buff, Torrential Arrow and Million Storm… and way too many other things to list. The buffed One Point is stupid though.

Update: Strike Gust is a 15% improvement.

Bo/Br actually gets a pretty big buff, since Braver’s tree has been streamlined, making it possible to max Rapid Shoot Mastery and both Braver stances. At the same time, Rapid Shoot’s triple shot kicks in instantly now, which triggers Deband PP and Elemental PP 3 times. Should make for some interesting uncharged 6x Ilbarta with Rapid Shoots in between to restore PP, then Banish-Ilbarta-Kamikaze possibilities. Most likely relegated to Break Stance gimmicks rather than general use though.

Full patch notes are on Bumped, SWiki hasn’t updated yet. I’ll update my old posts after the SWiki dust settles.

In the meantime my test drive of the fixed Kreisenschlag should be up by 8pm EST: