PSO2 Video Roundup 4/5/2015

There was a PSO2 livestream this week, so that takes centerstage by default. New Ultimate Quest and new skills coming in a couple weeks, things should get busy.

It’s not a Gundam!

First up is the trailer for upcoming new Photon Arts and Skills. Every class gets a main class skill and Dual Blades finally gets a quick, no-nonsense, hard hitting Photon Art.

And Sega’s live playthrough of the Lilipa Ultimate Quest. Get Fire weapons ready.

On the topic of Ultimate Quests, “and it” (yes, that’s the actual player’s name) solos the rare version of Diaboi in five minutes as Gunner/Ranger.

And there’s a Bouncer/Hunter boss rush video, using Jet Boots and showcasing Massive Hunter’s tanking ability by 美稲杏. Not all bosses, but enough to show the gameplan for Jet Boots vs bosses.

There’s another Jet Boots video by Charmeleon, showing the gear generation on the Chvaia Tiger boots:

And finally, a Double Saber video by RilliS LeDiorna vs the Facility bosses, Nepto Cassadora and Rheo Madullard. She Limit Breaks at the start, goes for full break and doesn’t take a single point of damage. That easily qualifies as going ham.