PSO2 – Video Roundup 4/12/2015

This week’s pretty slow. New Emergency Quest and not much else. Three vids though.

Going Wild on Easter

How does a Gunner/Ranger mob? With Gravity Bomb and a lot of pewpew. Ngus2angus shares a video of the new Wild Easter 2 EQ as Gunner/Ranger.

More Jet Boots Action

After last week’s Bouncer/Hunter Jet Boots video, we have a Fighter/Bouncer Jet Boots video, this time by Sol Nguyen, showing the difference between the two.

Kamikaze You Light My Flame

Bow Braver one-anchors Rodos. Okay that’s not really news. How about Bow Braver one-anchors Rodos as Fighter/Braver with Kamikaze Arrow?¬†Yes it’s my own video. It’s also a slow week, don’t look at me like that!