PSO2 Video Roundup 3/29/2015

Trying out a new series of posts here – every week (I hope) I pick a few videos of PSO2 gameplay with interesting yet effective builds, new tactics or just plain new missions. This week we have an episode of Maggy Busters.

Magatsu The First

Tai Minh Chu shows the first part of Magatsu from a Force/Gunner perspective.

Magatsu Second Impact

Arcelia made a mini-guide for Annihilator’s Apparition, the second part of Magatsu. In English – that’s rare!

Magatsu Third Strike

Syaku56ll posts not one, but three runs of Annihilator’s Apparition. Lots of good tactics to learn – when to fire lasers, where to attack, how to dodge attacks and so on.

Falz Loser still loses to Chain Banish

xojn Jumpei shows that even after a nerf, Gunner/Braver is still capable of bursting down Lv80 Falz Loser on Extra Hard. Done in 27 seconds with three players.

Pulling an epic Dudu

Boost week just ended and Bellion has a rod with 8 shiny new affixes on it to show for that.