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PSO2 – Venturing into Episode 5

PSO2 Episode 5 is shaping up to be a controversial one. Right at the start, some huge nerfs and buffs changed the gameplan of some classes completely. The new class, Hero, despite the fancy “advanced class” moniker, has the most idiot-proof playstyle of any class by far.

The average block now looks like this:

Heroes are kind of OP

That distribution is perfectly normal for a new patch, the question is whether it’s going to stick. I’ll probably hold on doing a guide, since Hero’s basics are very basic, and the advanced quirks are still being discovered.

At this point I seriously don’t know what to say about Hero other than “take any skill that looks useful in the first 5 rows, then spam whatever feels broken”. The class practically plays itself. Using Twin Machineguns’ normal attack all the way, and reloading when necessary is a viable way to play. Hero’s skill floor is kind of low too. Hero Counter doesn’t feel as tight as Dive Roll or Gunslash dodging, while being much more rewarding.

…at least they don’t have as much raw DPS as Fighter or Gunner, even if they have way longer range, instant projectiles and faster than Orbit regen right?

Old classes

I tried to make Bullet Bow work. The Banish nerf is hard to recover from though. It’s still not stellar against mobs, and now it’s very inefficient on bosses. A single Banish – Sharp Bomber – Nemesis combo sets you back by 122 PP. That’s a lot of buffed Asagiris. I’ll probably focus on Katana more on my Braver now.

I feel bad for Techer. In one swoop, it lost Banish, Maron and had its compounds put on a timer. TeFi can Tech Arts JA Ragrants with the buffed Brilliant Ilgrants at least. Nothing to write home about though.

Gunner is actually much better at low Chain counts now, but worse at high Chain counts. The cooldown reduction is nice too. Feels like a slight buff, but business as usual.

Force has a lot of potential that I want to try. Dual element Fire/Ice or Lightning/Ice is possible, which opens up a lot of Tech Arts JA options for FoFi. Ice has always been a balanced element. Its weakness is its main boss killer, Ilbarta, which needs 175PP to do any real damage. Something like Lightning with an insanely buffed Nazonde can do a lot of “right here, right now” damage for very little PP. There’s huge buffs to Ice and Lightning  in general, so FoFi with PPC ring has potential to be very strong.

Three years of balance passes have largely forgotten about Bouncer. I feel kind of bad for it.

Overall, I’ll probably play FoFi and Hero more this episode. Hero’s brain-deadness is admittedly a bit of a turnoff though.

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  1. someone test bouncer and jb 3rd kick normal deal stupid high damage that it can trump other pa (other than full gear vinto) by itself, db is rip though

    hero overall is just easier to play imo, the damage is kind of high there, but it doesn’t beat proper fi and gu, which designed to be damage dealer in this first place, though easy to play might be considered op for some person

    last note, rip techer, but it’s confirmed that sega want to buff it, so i guess ranger is more rip than techer in the future?

    1. Because of JB design, the normals don’t really help unless they build 50% Gear in 2 kicks though 😅

      But I agree Hero isn’t extremely OP, just user friendly but still quite OP because they can do a lot more at range and whilr moving like precharge Ki Bullet or use TMG normals. If something is sitting still, Fi and Gu win, but if it’s moving quickly and flying, Hero wins, then maybe Ra and Fo.

  2. Any plans for a Hero unlock guide? I’m a Gunner main, so I don’t really have any solid options for the T-ATK class requirement. I’d been considering running Techer with my Hunter subclass once that’s finished, but now it’s been smacked with the nerfbat, I’m ambivalent. Am I destined for a date with Summoner or is there still a more efficient option?

    1. Cheap I think would be Lightning or Ice FoFi with a Yamato rod for fast regen. For cheap units, affix a Hiei set with like, Elder Soul/Tech3/Spirita3/Flict Magia and do some equipment extension to cover defenses. Mag isn’t that bad for Fo since it has Tech High Up so you can either buy one, make a new character or just go without it.

      On Fo, beeline for Tech High Up, 3pts Rod Shoot, Elemental Conversion and Ice or Bolt Mastery + PP Save, then get the 1%s like Tech JA, Tech Charge etc.

      Fi sub only needs 20 points Brave Stance, 3 points SATK prereq, 5 points TAJA and 13 points PP Slayer + prereq. Adrenaline and TAJAPPS optional, but that’s doable with some 15k tickets and the first 5SP CO

      1. I’d been planning on digging into Gunner/Fighter in the future anyway, so that works. It’ll take a while, but maybe it’ll be nice to experience Hero once the hype dies down(or after SEGA hits it with a patch or two, as usual). Thanks for the advice. ^^

  3. The most OP thing about Hero is that they don’t have to work to deal
    good damage and participate in XH EQ’s and rematches. If this wasn’t gated by 3 lvl 75 Class titles this would be the Goto noob class where you can’t f*ck anything up unless you spend like 40 SP in stat boosts and 0 in Hero time. Which is Ironic because wasn’t that summoners job?

    You didn’t mention Hunter and Ranger in that old classes section though. What’s your thoughts on playing Guard Stance now? I’d love to try that build out but Grandia just won’t drop in the EQ :<

    1. I tried doing guard stance build with a +34 Grandia (waiting for another drop to +35 it), its more or less like Fury stance, you just have to find ways to JG so you can get the effect of the Guard Stance Advance and with 40s duration, you can find another chance JG, IMO its good, I just haven’t damage tested it in compared to a Fury stance build

      1. I dropped my first one as well. I tried It out a little while doing dailies and with Charge Parry I found it quite easy to trigger Guard Stance Advance. Of course haven’t tested or grinded it extensively enough to judge the damage but the Condition doesn’t seem that Hard to trigger.

        1. as long as you see when an enemy is about to attack, its easy to activate it…… unless you’re in a mpa full of Heroes, its hard to activate it, by the time the enemies hit you, they’re dead lmao

          I guess I’ll go use that certain damage calculator if I can to measure the damage of Fury and Guard stance, I just forgot how to use it. I’m also looking for some other people besides us who tried doing Guard stance build

    1. Austere Arm+Rear with an Astra/Elvieda Leg is still good or just go full Astra.
      As for affix, focus on the ATK of weapon you use most. The current trend for unit affixes are Ares Soul+Stat+Factor/Omega/Mod+Flict+Doom+Stamina.

      Do note that Hr benefits on large HP because of Hero Boost which will help you boost your Gauge.

    2. Hmm up to you really, I would say balanced with an ATK and Deus/Mother/Yamato Factor for your favorite ATK, kind of like a balance between balance and focus ^^;

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