PSO2 – Ultimate Lilipa Update Impressions

Ultimate Lilipa is chaotic, but lots of new things to try out. Need to update some older guides, but here’s some quick notes of the information that will be going in:


New souls from Lilipa UQ.

  • Leopard Soul: 35 RATK, 30 HP, 5 Dex
  • Leone Soul: 35 SATK, 20 HP, 1 PP, 5 Dex
  • Guranz Soul: 35 TATK, 3 PP, 5 Dex

Guranz Soul is likely to become the new go-to Soul for TATK classes – the HP on Diaboi Soul was a little excessive.


New Main Class skills. Jet Boots Gear Boost boosts gear generation. Apparently doesn’t work with Techs though. Jet Boots Escape grants invincibility windows on Shift action on Boots PAs; should be worth looking into for Boots builds.

Jet Boots guide is Coming Soon™ now that the new skills are here.

New Photon Art for Dual Blades too: Immortal Dove. Two quick slashes that, according to Swiki, have 800 Power at Level 17. Comparable to Satellite Aim in both speed and damage.

Dual Blades finally get a no-nonsense, high damage PA that doesn’t move upwards. No more slotting Justice Crow to deal with small hitboxes – that’s pretty big.


New Main Class skill, Twin Machinegun Mastery. 5% more damage on crit is honestly not going to make crit builds much more attractive, but the PP regeneration is promising for non-Gu/Bo builds.

New Photon Arts too: Grim Barrage, a long-distance, shooting-based gap closer with good horizontal tracking. Has two JA windows, one after the gap close and a second one after firing a few shots. Zero Range is practically guaranteed, making this very nice.

Gunner also gets another new Photon Art from a surprising source: Gunslash’s Strezwei. In gun mode, Strezwei is a fast, 360-degree shooting-based AoE attack – exactly what Gunner was missing before. Strezwei has a second attack as well, which can be accessed by activating Strezwei in sword mode, or by pressing Shift during the gun mode attack. With a melee subclass, it does pretty good damage when used as a followup.

New Weapons

Other than the 13*s, some new Jet Boots and Machineguns were also spotted. Potentials unknown, so will have to wait for the dust to settle.