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PSO2 – TGS Livestream CSI. New Rings, Ult Amdu

A hype livestream! That’s nice – and here’s my thoughts on the more interesting (to me) parts of it.

Tradable Skill Rings

Tradable Skill Rings

I actually asked for this during the last player survey. What with the boring gathering system and all, it makes sense to let players willing to put up with watching paint dry sell their swag to players who aren’t.

Interesting point here: The sample ring on sale is +10. Lambdas are required from +11. That likely means if a ring is +11, it’s bound and not tradable. Given the number of Stamina +50s needed to get to +10, they should still be worth a fair bit though, especially on day 1.

New Skill Rings

Jet Boots Tech Arts S Charge

I’m biased, I only care about L/Jet Boots Tech Arts S. Charge. From the trailer, it’s actually not that fast. The trailer is 30 FPS and…

Ilmegid turns white, i.e. button pressed at 3353:


JA window at 3388:


That means:

  • 36 frames at the trailer’s 30FPS
  • 72 frames at PSO2’s target 60FPS.
  • Subtract 36F firing time means cast time is 36F, give or take a couple frames’ human error in execution.

Safe to assume cast time is cut by 40%. Not too bad. On Concentrated Ragrants, the gain in DPS should be around 15%, which theoretically makes Bo/Fi TAJA Ragrants comparable to Te/Br Weak Stance Ragrants.

40% reduction also means with a 12★ unit set to stack L Rings, the charge time can be completely covered with Tech Charge Parry.

13★ Gix Weapons

Gix Weapons

1333 ATK. Suppose Deadlion Soul is 35 ATK, that means 1283 ATK minus affixes. 1732 ATK on full grind is still a good amount higher than Austere.

Another thing is every weapon in the sheet is an old weapon with an existing drop, although the drop rate is not necessarily good.

Ultimate Amduscia

Ultimate Amduscia

Lightning weakness confirmed. Gogo Lightning Fo/Br? Bolt Tech PP Save does make it easy to run Lightning…

That’s about it. Cautiously optimistic about the hype for now. There’s still a few ways for it to come crashing down, like terrible rates on the collection files or Jet Boots TASC being worse than advertised.

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