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PSO2 – Gunner/Bouncer SH Free Field Bosses Compilation (WIP)

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I’ll be making boss kill videos to showcase Gu/Bo. It was touched on in Dual Blade Bouncer Guide Part 2, but there will be more in-depth coverage here. First boss will be Ringahda, but this post will be updated with other bosses eventually so stay tuned.

Blu Ringahda

Ringahda tends to open with its beam attack, which has a blind spot at point blank range. Run up, build gear, then use PBF to break the rings. Once its core is exposed, burst with Chain Trigger. Its weak point is small and low to the ground, making it fairly tricky to hit. The rarely-used Justice Crow comes in handy here.

This boss happens to be weak to Wind, so everything kicks in on Zanverse  – ‹High Time›, ‹Perfect Keeper› and ‹Elemental Stance›.

Quartz Dragon

This boss is very mobile if left unchecked, so open with ‹Chain Trigger› and break its nose for a fast stun. After that, it can get stunlocked simply with ‹Photon Blade Fever›. Poison affix is a useful debuff here.

Also, I messed up and Stylish Rolled the wrong direction with the Chain.


No explanation needed.

Vol Dragon

Or in this case, the rare version, Burn Draal.

The most universally applicable and fuss-free strategy, although not necessarily fastest, is:

  • Break tail
  • Break horn
  • Unload on head

The tail wiggles a lot so it can be hard to catch. With race hunter Twin Machineguns, I might be able to break it without ‹Chain Trigger› and cut some seconds off the time.

Bal Rodos

Pretty typical Rodos strat. Harpoon, Chain, boomboom.

Dragon Ex

This dragon is a very big target, so even randomly thrown blades have a good chance of hitting and fully regaining the Gear gauge. Like all dragons, it also has a stagger animation, so that’s a Chain Finish window.

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