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PSO2 – Going Through Old Posts and Updating

So much backlog! Doom Break, Yamato Factor, Ray weapon recommendations, PA crafts… it’s a little depressing. At least Beach Wars is boring, which is why I’m here :p

Anyway, Affixing 101 is updated. Not many changes though. Doom Break just introduces a new alternative for cheap upslots. Yamato Factor is an alternative to Modulator, so doesn’t change much either.

PSO2 Gunner Guide is updated too. Some stuff about TMG Arts S Charge, crafted PAs and putting all my Gu/Fi notes down.

PSO2 Dual Blade Bouncer Guide is also updated. Mostly Kestrel 0 and NT weapons, and taking out some really old stuff about crafted weapons.

PSO2 Jet Boots Bouncer Guide is also updated. Again, mostly NT weapons and taking out crafted weapons.

Summoner I’m getting some extra help on, so that should be about it for now.

5 thoughts on “PSO2 – Going Through Old Posts and Updating”

  1. Hi love the builds you are posting but I was wondering if you could address some questions I have.

    Fi/Gu or Gu/Fi (2016) which one has the better all class weapon between Double sabers and twin machine guns.

    Which one performs better overall in all situations.?

    Last Is there a build on your site that is up to date in 2016?

    1. Both can use Xie’s all class 13★s for cross classing. Gu/Fi is good with TMGs, Fi/Gu is below average with Fi weapons and TMGs but can Chain Backhand Smash.

      The Gu builds are updated, the rest I can’t really say until I go through them.

  2. Lol, in a non weird way, which face preset are you using in the preview of your avatar typing? I must know, im one of those types of people who enjoy character creation and i like what you did with your avatars facial appearance. ( mature face, baby face, etc)

    1. I wish I could tell you but when I went back to Este to check, I can’t find it and it’s been years ^^; Only thing I can say is I just adjusted the sliders till I was happy lol

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