PSO2 Gearing Guide – When and What to Gear

PSO2 gearing is not necessarily cryptic, but can be misleading. An 11★ weapon may not be better than an 8★. Similarly, 11★ units might not be better than 7★s either.

This guide will explain what to look out for and how to avoid falling into the costly trap known as Dudu. For starters, here are some of the terms used to refer to PSO2 item stats. Namely, Grind level, Attribute level, Potential, Affixes and Extension level:


Notice that the ATK stat on the weapon is not highlighted. That’s because it’s the least important stat. As long as everything else is done up nicely, if the ATK stat is still low, craft it and it won’t be low anymore. Same with DEF on units.

As for how to do them up nicely…

Old Type Grinding

If your weapon doesn’t have an EXP bar, it’s an old type weapon.

General rule of thumb, you need Excubes. The higher the rarity, the more Excubes. Use Excubes to exchange for 1000 FUN tickets. Use FUN to do FUN scratch for Risk Reduction -1, and buy Risk Reduction -2 and Grind Success 10% from the FUN Shop.


  • 7★ and 8★: Easy mode. Maybe throw in -1 Risk Reduction from +8 onwards.
  • 9★: Throw in -1 Risk Reduction from +7 onwards
  • 10★: -1 Risk Reduction from +6 onwards, 10% success at +9.
  • 11★ and 12★: -1 Risk Reduction from +5 to +7, -2 Risk Reduction and 10% Success from +8 onwards
  • 13★: Either spam Lambda Grinders or buy Grind Skip -7 and spam 30% Success and -2 Reduction for the last three grinds.


Easy mode all the way. Use Risk Reduction for 11★ units after the first -2, since a Risk Reduction is cheaper than an 11★ grind attempt.


Choose a weapon with a damage-boosting potential. For 11★ and below these are the potentials to go for by class. Choose the better of the two between main and subclass.

 Class Good Potentials Passable Potentials
All Red Recalescence, Fatal Activity
Hunter Black Heart Enraged Stance, Exhausted Ambition
Fighter Black Heart, Inevitable Strike Direct Style, Exhausted Ambition
Ranger Crushing Blow, Precision Sniping
Gunner Zero Effort Perfect Calamity
Techer Ancient Oath Discerning Eye
 Force Crimson Crystal, Frozen Crystal and other element potentials Immediate Justice
Braver Judgement Time, Fragile Assault
Bouncer Ancient Oath, Greater Strategic Stance Strategic Stance, Discerning Eye

Red Recalescence is a hidden potential on Red weapons that requires 10,500 Challenge Miles’ worth of Photon Boosters, boosts damage on crafted weapons by 14% at level 1, and 16% at level 3. A Red weapon unlocked with Red Recalescence is typically one of the highest damage weapons of its class before 12★s, or even 13★s in some cases.

10,500 Challenge Miles is approximately 1 hour of doing Challenge Quests for a level 1 unlock. However, while Challenge Quests do not have a level requirement, it helps to know monster attack patterns. I suggest starting at around Level 50 or 55, after getting some familiarity with the enemies in PSO2.

12★ weapons with hidden potentials, or potentials that require Photon Boosters, and 13★ weapons other than those from the Gold Weapons Badge exchange tend to outclass these potentials.

Another exception is the Invade weapon series: a series of 13★ from Profound Darkness that comes pre-grinded and pre-60% attribute, but with variance and a weak potential. As a general rule of thumb, they can be treated as an 11★ weapon with an always-on Black Heart potential.

Attribute Grinding

For weapons only. For Striking and Ranged weapons, weapon attribute is added as invisible ATK regardless of the target’s weak element: 50% element means 50% of your weapon’s base ATK is added as invisible, elemental-type ATK. For Tech weapons, that goes into Element Conversion as a Force main. Getting this to 50%, or 60% for a 13★ should be a priority.

The most painless way is to get two of the same weapons with the same element. Second easiest way is to get multiple copies of the same weapon with different element. See Cirnopedia‘s Grind Attribute page for details.

Starting out, go for weapons that can be easily taken to 50%. That means for a free player, 9★ weapons and below or common Emergency Quest drops.


With a Saiki set, it costs 939,000 meseta to affix Saiki with five fodders. With a 6 million meseta budget for three units, that means half the meseta goes to Dudu just for the affix attempts, and 1 million meseta per unit isn’t going to be able to buy anything amazing.

When affixing 11★ units, go for a higher slot count and expensive affixes to justify the Dudu fee. Otherwise, stick to units that are cheaper to affix like the Hiei set at 40,000 meseta for five fodders. Still working with a 6 million meseta budget, that will almost double the value of the affixes that can go into the set.

If using crafted or Invade weapons as a non-Fighter main, Ability III gives 15 ATK and 15 Dex, which works approximately 29 ATK – as good as a Modulator affix.

See my affixing guide and start by using My First Affix on a Hiei set if in doubt.

Due to the cost of attempting affixing with 11★ units, don’t bother with 11★ sets until you have the budget to at least 4-slot it with one high-value affix like Modulator, Flict Arma or Alter Arma on the unit.


As a general rule of thumb, for weapons, craft any weapon at 9★ and below to at least Ex9. Use Crafting Request for the recipes that you haven’t unlocked if you have to. 10★ and above depends.

In some cases, it is worth taking 7★ to 9★ weapons to Ex13, or crafting a 10★ and above weapon, depending on Craft Mastery, strength of the weapon potential and need for multiclass. This is a common situation with Red weapons and the main classes Fighter, Force (Jet Boots), Ranger (Bullet Bow), and subclass Bouncer builds.

For units, ideally, craft anything that isn’t a Rear/Magatsuhi to at least Ex8 using a special recipe. Realistically, it depends on budget, the expected lifespan of a unit set and availability of nice people willing to take crafting requests. If you don’t expect a (fully affixed and grinded) upgrade to happen in a month, take Hiei set to Ex8 with special recipes. What’s a special recipe? Check Cirnopedia again.