PSO2 Balance Changes, Reset Pass on 10th June has released notes for upcoming balance changes. Here’s what my broken Japanese can gather from Patty and Tea’s information leak.


  • With a Sword or Partisan equipped, successful Just Guards in the air will cause the character to fall slower.


  • Raging Waltz (Twin Daggers) will have its PP cost reduced, and have an earlier cancel window after its attack.
  • Quick March (Twin Daggers) will have a stun effect added when used on grounded targets
  • Orchestra (Twin Daggers) will have its recovery time shortened (?)
  • Facet Folia (Twin Daggers) will have faster startup
  • Ducking Blow, Flicker Jab and Pendulum Roll (Knuckles) will have their PP costs reduced
  • Pendulum Roll (Knuckles) will have faster attack speed
  • Slide Upper (Knuckles) will have its knockup effect adjusted.
  • Straight Charge (Knuckles) will have its PP cost reduced and have its descent adjusted when charged in the air.
  • Quake Howling (Knuckles) will have its area of effect increased, and get an earlier Just Attack timing.
  • Surprise Knuckle (Knuckles) will have its PP cost reduced, attack speed increased and its knockup effect adjusted.
  • Flash Thousand (Knuckles) will have its damage increased, PP cost reduced, area of effect increased, an earlier Just Attack timing, an earlier Step cancel timing, and knockup/knockback effects adjusted
  • Backhand Smash (Knuckles) will have its damage increased, PP cost reduced and area of effect increased.
  • Heartless Impact (Knuckles) will have faster startup and earlier Sway and Step cancel timings.
  • Knuckles’ normal attacks will have faster attack speed, and the third hit will recover more PP.

Ranger and Gunner

  • One Point (Assault Rifle) will be Dive Roll cancellable.
  • Aerial Shooting (Twin Machineguns) when used in the air will have a slower descent timing
  • Dive Roll, when performed with Twin Machineguns, will have an earlier Stylish Roll and movement timing


  • Elemental Burst will have its damage increased, and a higher chance to inflict status effects up to skill level 4.

Due to the above changes, an All Skill Reset Pass will be handed out. Yay!