PSO-World Class/Boss Matchups Survey

Did a survey on PSO-World to see how people felt different class combos fared on different bosses. The macro-level breakdown is pretty interesting:


In summary, Rifle OP. The full data can be found on Google: PSO2 Class/Boss Matchups Survey.

Popularity aside, the class combos with more than 2 respondents, sorted by score are:

  1. Ranger/Hunter (10 responses, 4.44 average)
  2. Ranger/Braver (7 responses, 4.28 average)
  3. Fighter/Hunter (12 responses, 4.26 average)
  4. Bouncer/Hunter (7 responses, 3.87 average)
  5. Braver/Hunter (15 responses, 3.86 average)
  6. Techer/Braver (3 responses, 3.77 average)
  7. Gunner/Ranger (14 responses, 3.71 average)
  8. Hunter/Fighter (5 responses, 3.64 average)
  9. Force/Techer (13 responses, 3.57 average)
  10. Techer/Hunter (3 responses, 3.38 average)

Between Ranger/Hunter and Ranger/Braver, looking at individual matchups, Ranger/Bravers seem to be more confident at handling free field bosses and MPAs like Falz Loser and Magatsu, but significantly less confident versus Ultimate Quest bosses like Leone/Leopard and Diabo. I’d chalk that up to Massive Automate being a decisive advantage for Ranger/Hunter.

The worst matchup for Ranger/Hunter seems to be Cougar NX. At 3.50, it’s significantly behind the other bosses which average 4.00 for more. I’d attribute that to being unable to lock on to its head.

The melee classes seem to occupy the second tier, behind Ranger mains, with Fighter/Hunter leading by a significant margin and Bouncer/Hunter and Braver/Hunter almost tied.

Looking at the individual matchups, Fighter/Hunter consistently stays above 3.5 except against Nepto & Rheo. Seems understandable, mobile bosses and Rheo’s weak point is hard to reach for melee. Braver/Hunter and Bouncer/Hunter players seem to be more confident in that specific matchup.

Braver/Hunter’s bad matchups appear to be Magatsu, Siorg, Bayari and surprisingly, Facility Rodos. But all four bosses tend to fly around or require some kind of climbing which Katanas don’t do as well as other striking weapons.

Bouncer/Hunter players indicate that on average, bad matchups are Bayari, Diabo, Siorg and Anga. Incidentally, all four are Naberius UQ bosses. Very curious, although they all happen to be very mobile, making it easy for PBF, Destruct Wing and Gran Wave to miss.

Gunners/Rangers seem to feel at a disadvantage against Leone/Leopard, Nepto/Rheo and Knight Gear. Looking at Gunner-related comments:

“Most likely hit boxes detection problem with SatAim when I score low.”

“Gu/Ra VS extremely mobile enemies = NG (not good) since bread and butter Sat. Aim + Chain Trigger is bad for mobile enemies like Banther pair (incl. Ultimate equivalent). Also bad against GGG because of armor on head when foot unbroken.”

“Breaking parts + dragon flinch remove weak bullet/chain.”

Those three bosses do have hitbox issues and difficulty of Chaining, which might explain the issue. However, the first EQ boss solos tend to come from JP Gunner/Ranger players so I feel Gunner/Ranger may be underrepresented due to high skill cap.

Force/Techer is bottom tier – a bit of a surprise given compound techs, although common consensus is that techs don’t do very well vs bosses. There’s also no representation from Bullet Bow Force/Braver so there’s that.

Overall the survey seems more informative than expected, but 100 responses means a lot of underrepresentation. The 8 most popular class combos might be fairly accurate, but below that I’m not so sure. Might use Google Forms next time.