Profound Darkness Debrief

Too many flashing lights and totally weird swipes that I need to learn better T_T

Here’s some quick notes.

Falz Double


Straightforward fight. Chase weak point, avoid bad circles on the ground. Have a weapon with generous invincible frames to cheese through the moving wall attack. Also helps to have good range or fast gap closers.

Profound Darkness


Still figuring out this boss. Its weak points don’t seem very weak at all. Phase 1 feels like “chase the random laser-shooting claw” which has ridiculous grab range apparently. Also lots of random explosions that I need to figure out.

Phase 2, well… it looked like Loser so I figured I’d try an old Loser tactic:

Persona fight felt ridiculous. It just spams stuns and doesn’t seem headshottable.

Phase 3 is lots of bright lights and explosions.

As per the video, tried this the first time as Gu/Ra which went okay with some learning curve that still needs to be worked out. With how this boss is set up, fast + lots of invincible frames + aerial + not really reliant on weak points sounds like either Fighter or Bouncer might have an easier time. Will try those classes next time and see.

There’s a formal guide on PSOW.