New Toy for PSO2 – Mass Weapon Comparisons


I know there’s 4rt’s damage calculator but I can’t find a sort function and a spreadsheet’s a bit more convenient for a large bunch of weapons so I built my own on Google Docs.

Insights after the jump. These graphs will end up in the Gear section of the relevant guides Soon™.

Dual Blades



I counted the potential for Shikon and Fubuki but during PBF they can safely be assumed as inactive so their damage will be lower.

Specifically, Shikon drops to Nox/S&Y level while Fubuki drops below Dio Lextear. Ideal on mobs also drops to Nox/S&Y level.

Craft Mastery on the Bouncer tree means Red DB is pretty much as good as it gets before 13★s.

Jet Boots


SATK is used here because Bouncer mains tend to run SATK, and TATK Fighter main is straightforward enough to not need this.

Similar story though. Ideal is on top if fighting bosses, Lizgrips with 100% Crit is very close. Naturally Ares would be slightly behind but Lizgrips is much easier to farm, so I omitted Ares here.

After that is a large gap before Ruka, the 12★s and Red Jet Boots, which are all pretty close. After that are the old options like Arestice, Bio, Dio Arestice which are showing their age.

One interesting thing about Jet Boots is that their ATK is so low, the variance on crafted boots is almost the same as uncrafted, just from class bonus and Saiki set.

Twin Machineguns


Again, the strong 13★s show a significant lead. Ideal, Skull and Lashadis are all very close. This was done using Gu/Ra so 80% crit for Lashadis and Blitz Fender, as Gu/melee they will pull ahead.

After that comes Blitz Fender with its new potential, and the super specialized Blocker Bredd. Twin Awatsuki is close enough to be counted in this group, but with a slight lag instead of a slight lead.

The old options once again are noticeably behind.


KatanasNope, not doing a Katana guide but throwing them in just to double check.

Orochi Agito is crazy but it’s burst damage. Other than that, everything else seems to follow the pattern of previous weapons. Big gap after the good 13★s, then another gap after 12★s and Yoza 13★.

It’s funny how Photon Boosters shook up gearing. 12★s finally look like they’re where they should be.

Get the spreadsheet here. It’s read-only but should be downloadable.