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Jet Boots Bouncer Guide Pt.1: Skills

Ever wanted to kick a dragon’s teeth in? Or punt a Rappy into orbit? (How could you!) Potential issues with PETA aside, that’s what Jet Boots do. Float like a butterfly, charge like a Saiyan and kick like a Hitmonlee.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Jet Boots:


  • Wide Coverage: Main AoE attack is wide and has a vacuum effect, making it one of the easiest melee weapons for killing mobs on Super Hard.
  • Double Jump: Reach a safe height or climb bosses quickly.
  • Economy: One pair of Jet Boots is enough for Elemental Stance, due to its element changing capability.
  • PP Management: Jet Boots Photon Arts are very PP efficient, and has ways to quickly regain PP.


  • Low Damage Passives: Using other class’ weapons as a Bouncer will typically result in lower damage than other class combinations using the same weapon can do.
  • Short Range: Without Techs, every Jet Boots attack hits in melee range, making it easy to get hit in return.
  • Technical: Every attack has a different Shift followup, requiring the user to think two steps in advance.
  • Risky: The main boss killer on Jet Boots has very long startup and needs to be done right in the face of a boss.

In short, Jet Boots users tend to have an easy time on mobs, but might be in trouble if they cannot stunlock a boss.

Core Skills

The three core skills a Jet Boots Bouncer needs to take for its basic damage bonuses are Jet Boots Gear, Elemental Stance and Shifta Air Attack Boost.


Element Switching

Jet Boots have the unique ability to change their element, so it is possible to get away with having only one pair of Jet Boots. To see this in action, equip a pair of Jet Boots, then charge an offensive Technique of a different element from the boots.

For example, a player equips a Light element Jet Boots and charges Foie. She then lets go and normal attacks once – there will be a fire trail on that kick, meaning the boots are now attuned to Fire. In neutral stance, she presses Shift – there should be a burst of fire, which means the attunement has been reset. She then normal attacks again and there should be a trail of light, the base element of the boots:


Jet Boots Kicks

Jet Boots kicks are Striking-type attacks that scale with TATK. That means Striking-type damage multipliers like Fury Stance and Limit Break will increase its damage, but not Technique-based ones like Tech JA Advance.

Conversely, TATK-increasing skills like Technique Up 2 will increase Jet Boots kick damage by default.

When the Switch Strike skill is activated, a Bouncer can turn on Switch Strike to use SATK for Jet Boots damage, thereby aligning the damage stat with the damage type. However, Switch Strike is a main class only skill. Using Bouncer as a subclass locks Jet Boots to TATK-only.

Other skills

RapidBoost Rapid BoostRapid Boost JA Bonus

Highly Recommended. Very useful attack speed increase, along with 15% more damage on kicks. Less time spent standing in a boss’ face charging an attack is always good.

DebandPP Deband PP Restorate

Highly Recommended. Good for PP management. With Deband active, Jet Boots normal attacks and the Shift spin kick followup will regenerate up to 3 more PP per hit. The spin kicks will generate an additional 12 more PP with this skill. Deband pretty much turns itself on with Gran Wave too.

RareMasteryBo Rare Mastery Bouncer

Recommended (1pt only). One point is worth it if using 10* weapons or better as Bouncer main, but no more.


SwitchStrike Switch Strike

Recommended. Allows kick-based damage to use SATK instead of TATK when toggled on.

As Bouncer main, this is very useful because Bouncer’s percentage-based damage bonuses run out after a certain point. Unlocking at least 225 ATK worth of ATK Up skills between the main and subclass is worth considering.

Another benefit is that Switch Strike opens the possibility of using Dual Blades, or SATK from a subclass.

JBEscape Jet Boots Escape

Recommended. Adds an invincibility window to Shift followups on Jet Boots normal attacks and Photon Arts. The invincibility window is very noticeable, and makes previously unsafe Photon Arts a bit safer.

StepAdv Step Advance

Optional. No longer as needed after Jet Boots Escape was added.


JBGearBoost Jet Boots Gear Boost

Optional. Boosts Gear generation, except from charged Techs. Vinto consumes the Gear gauge, so faster refill is nice, but the usual way to charge multiple Vintos is to use charged Techs. Nice for Bouncer mains that mostly use Photon Arts to build Gear.

PBF Dual Blade Gear, Photon Blade Fever (PBF), Photon Blade Fever Up, Photon Blade Escape

Optional. On a Switch Strike build where both weapons share the same ATK type, Dual Blades can come in to handle bosses, although a Dual Blade build would be significantly more expensive due to needing a rainbow set.

SATKUp Striking Up 1, Striking Up 2, Technique Up 1

Optional. Take these to maximize damage once the core skills are done and if there’s no other desired utility skills. Striking Up for Switch Strike builds and Technique Up for non-Switch Strike builds. If taking SATK, prioritize Striking Up 2 first.

HealShare Heal Share, Heal Bonus

Optional. Megiverse and even Resta tend to overheal as it is. Still, some players take both skills to share their incoming heals with other players as a form of support.

ElePP Elemental PP Restorate Field

Optional. Jet Boots damage comes from spamming Photon Arts. This can be stacked with Deband PP to ensure a continuous flow of attacks. Take Deband PP first, and if PP is still lacking, consider this.

J Reversal PP Gain J Reversal PP Gain

Optional. Between the Shift spin kicks, Elemental PP, Deband PP, the generous amounts of super armor on Jet Boots PAs and invincible frames on Jet Boots’ various Shift skills, a Bouncer shouldn’t be knocked down much. Even if they are, they shouldn’t be hurting for PP. One point is fine if there’s a stray point left over and nothing else to take.

StepAdv One More Jump

Niche. If a double jump happens to do damage, allows the Bouncer to jump again. Situationally useful for staying in the air indefinitely, or climb over Darker walls in Tower Defense.

CritField Critical Field, Stance Critical

Niche. If Fighter main, take the Critical Strike and Stance Critical skills on Fighter side, then get Critical Field along with Elemental Stance Critical, to hit 100% critical chance. Otherwise ignore.

Field Remain Field Remain

Niche. Effectively extends Field duration by 10 seconds. Excellent choice if using a Field skill, but useless otherwise.

EleBurst Elemental Burst

Niche. When attuned to an element with a charged Tech, creates a small, weak point blank AoE wave that has a token chance of applying status effects. Damage is based on TATK and Switch Strike has no effect. Having to reset the attuned element is a pretty big minus. Might be useful to apply status effects with a Chase build designed for tougher mobs, but it’s likely just as useful to simply kick their faces in.

BreakStance Break Stance, Break Stance Up

Niche. Break Stance works on breakable parts, including parts that can break further to cause a flinch or other effect. However, doesn’t work on already-broken parts. Some bosses are neutral and need to have their parts broken before their elemental weakness can be targeted. Other bosses just plain have a lot of breakables which works well with this. With Elemental Stance as a main stance, 10 or even 20 points here can help with opening the elemental weakness on those bosses.

Bouncer Mag Bouncer Mag

Avoid. Only good for crafted weapons, and crafted weapons are no longer relevant.

BreakStance Break SD Bonus

Avoid. Only works with Dual Blades. Boots users are pretty much guaranteed to benefit from Elemental Stance anyway, so this is not necessary.

AptUp Aptitude Up 1

Avoid. If getting Dex for crafted gear or making a hybrid with TATK, consider Bouncer Mag and Craft Mastery, where one point covers two stats in one go. These shouldn’t be necessary unless at some point in the future Sega releases a great pair of Jet Boots or set of units with extreme Dex requirements.

CraftMastery Craft Mastery

Avoid. Raises ATK value on crafted weapons and DEF value on crafted units. Crafting is very cost ineffective nowadays, and 13★s are the norm for endgame now.

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