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Jet Boots Bouncer Guide Pt.4: Gameplay

Jet Boots are arguably the most unique weapon in the game as far as gameplay goes. They are the only Tech weapon in the game that has Photon Arts. Said Photon Arts are the only ones that scale with TATK by default, yet are considered Striking based. Jet Boots are also the only weapons that can double jump and change their element. To top it off, they have the most elaborate set of Shift button actions in the game.

This part will do its best to explain how all of that is supposed to work.

Normal Moves

Neutral Shift


Basic dodge skill with generous amounts of invincible frames. Easier to time than Twin Daggers. Resets the Jet Boots element. With the Elemental Burst skill, releases any previously set element as a TATK-based radial attack around the user.

Normal Attack Shift


Press Shift after a normal attack. Perform a series of four quick spin kicks, good for regaining PP, especially with Deband PP Restorate and/or Elemental PP Restorate Field active.

Photon Arts

MomentGale Moment Gale


Jet Boots’ main mobbing attack. Zip around in straight lines for the first part, then press Shift to follow up with a point blank radial cyclone with Zanverse tacked on.

The first part is wide but inaccurate, considering it’s straight lines. Picture trying to color a circle by drawing four straight lines with a pencil, i.e. not happening unless it’s a huge crowd with large targets. Situationally useful.

That’s okay though, if the first part is undesirable, it can be cancelled into the Shift followup cyclone before the first kick even comes out. The Shift followup is an actual circular area of effect with a small vacuum. Much better. By itself, the cyclone can kill most mobs on Super Hard difficulty within a couple hits. If not, the vacuum pulls mobs close enough that followup attacks are easy.

During the cyclone, the telltale swirly green lines of Zanverse will show up – that’s exactly what it looks like. The cyclone creates a Zanverse effect, equivalent to charging and casting Zanverse by itself.

GranWave Gran Wave


Gap closer. Dash forward and do a flurry of kicks. Press Shift to backflip for an eternity’s worth of invincibility frames and Deband tacked on.

This is one of the main ways for Jet Boots to approach single targets. The gap close tracks vertically as well as horizontally, and does decent damage too. Somewhat slow and respects collision detection though.

If expecting a boss to retaliate, use this and keep a finger on the Shift button. The backflip is completely invincible throughout, and lasts a good few seconds. Dodges Anga stuns, Magatsu’s Energy Tsunamis, Loser’s Time Stop and other telegraphed area attacks very easily.

If using this just for the buff effect, a shortcut is to press Gran Wave, then quickly press Shift twice. The first Shift is for the backflip, the second is to cancel the backflip into a neutral dodge to stay in place for all Deband ticks.

StrikeGust Strike Gust


Charged narrow area damage PA. Launch into the air with a series of somersaults. Press Shift to crash back down, stunning targets and releasing a Shifta.

This is the first of Jet Boots’ two hard hitters. Strike Gust’s advantages are that it allows for movement during charging, does not require a full Gear gauge and builds Gear rather than consumes it.

The drawbacks are that a charged Strike Gust is only around half the damage of Vinto, and that’s assuming it fully connects in the first place. Strike Gust’s hitboxes are all over the place. It is incredibly difficult to aim the first part to hit small, low weak points, and it is nigh impossible for the second part to hit a high weak point.

Due to Moment Gale’s suction effect, Strike Gust can be used after Moment Gale to disable mobs that have been pulled in close enough.

VintoGigue Vinto Gigue


Charged narrow area damage PA or status applier. Hold to the attack to glow and release a burst of weak damage with a high chance of applying status attacks. Alternatively, hold Shift until the charge makes a “ding” sound to release a powerful kick instead of a burst. Either way, after Vinto is performed, the Jet Boots element and Gear gauge will be reset.

The kick variant is the second of Jet Boots’ two hard hitters. When it works, it hits incredibly hard. With the right build and gear, a couple of Vinto kicks is all that’s needed to take out most bosses on Super Hard difficulty. Vinto Gigue is quite fussy though – no movement allowed while it’s charging, and it needs a Level 3 Gear gauge to do most of its damage.

The burst itself is a decent area of effect attack,  usable after a Zondeel or Moment Gale to take down a tough pack of mobs. It also has a high chance to apply status effects for shocking Gryphon and similar.

Offensive Techniques

Offensive techs are typically used by Technique damage-capable class combos like Bo/Fi to do set up Tech Arts JA, charge Gear and set the element for Vinto while doing decent damage. Combinations that don’t have good Technique damage, like Bo/Hu, typically only use them to set the Jet Boots element.

The general idea is to have one Concentrated craft and one Efficient craft per element. The Concentrated craft for fast Vinto combos, and the Efficient craft for long-range sniping and switching elements for a low PP cost. These craft recipes may conflict with the optimal recipes for a Force main, so a main Jet Boots Bouncer and a main Force may need to be separate characters.

Here is a list of suggested techs for each element. Level 3 crafts are ideal, but an above average Level 1 craft will suffice when starting out.

Gifoie Concentrated Gifoie

Burn everything in an expanding ring of fire. Decent AoE that sets up a Moment Gale followup. On bosses with large hitboxes, this can hit multiple times for decent damage.

Ilbarta Concentrated Ilbarta

Yo dawg I heard you like boss killers. I suggested a boss killer to set up your boss killer so you can kill bosses while you kill bosses.

Ilbarta is Fo/Gu and Fo/Br’s trademark due to its gimmick: Cast it 7 times within a 5 second window of each other. On the 7th cast, it hits for 8x its nominal damage. That happens to work nicely with Vinto which relies on charged Techs in succession. A Jet Boots Bouncer can weave Charged Ilbarta with Vinto to get a sequence of big hits:

As a side bonus, this tech also happens to ignore line of sight and automatically hit whatever it’s locked on to.

Zonde Concentrated Zonde

An instant ranged attack, if a little on the weak side. Can be used uncharged after a Megiverse for instant healing. Between Concentrated and Efficient, Concentrated is more important for Vinto. Zonde itself is not spectacular, but Lightning has a lack of good pickings in general.

Ragrants Concentrated Ragrants

With the level 3 recipe, Ragrants has an extremely fast charge time. This tech is a staple Darker boss killer for Forces and Techers, and in the hands of a Jet Boots Bouncer, it both hits hard and makes for rapid fire Vinto combos against enemies with a Light weakness.

Ragrants’ DPS is so high that it can even be used by itself as a damaging attack on mobs. The main downside is with a 30PP cost, a Ragrants – Ragrants – Vinto rotation burns a lot of PP in short notice.

Gimegid Concentrated Gimegid

With a Level 3 craft, the -3 PP pretty much makes it a two-in-one Efficient and Concentrated tech. DPS is almost as high as Ragrants, for almost half the PP cost, so it’s a great option against targets weak to Dark element.

The main downside is its short range, which is a non-factor since Vinto is much shorter, and its inaccuracy which can be problematic.

Nazan Concentrated Nazan

A single hit, straight line AoE that does good damage. While not quite as strong as Ilbarta, Ragrants and Gimegid, with a good Concentrated craft it is still pretty decent in its own right while being very PP efficient at only 13PP with a level 3 craft.

Zanverse Concentrated Zanverse

Zanverse is, of course, the persistent AoE damage buff. However, on Wind weak targets, Zanverse – Nazan – Vinto sets up both Zanverse and Tech Arts JA on every attack in the rotation. Use Nazan – Nazan – Zanverse after.

Foie Efficient Foie

Barta Efficient Barta

Grants Efficient Grants

These are low PP cost options for quick swapping, as their Concentrated counterparts have above average PP costs. They also happen to make for spammable ranged attacks against bosses that kite or teleport around like certain phases of Dark Falz Loser and Profound Darkness.

Support Techniques

As a Jet Boots Bouncer, most support techs are built into Photon Arts, so there is not much reason to use support techs by themselves. The offensive Techs on the other hand are needed for changing elements if not using a rainbow set, and nice to have on builds with Technique damage bonusees. The following techs are of note:

Zondeel Zondeel


Suction tech. Magnetize the floor around you to bring mobs in. Note that with Jet Boots equipped, it sets your element to Lightning, so press Shift to reset the element if needed. Good for solo spawn camping in Mine Defense and other quests with preset spawns – cast a Zondeel and use Vinto after. If a Techer is around, don’t bother. In other situations, Moment Gale usually does the job.

Megiverse Megiverse


Lifesteal buff. For a short period after casting, you heal yourself for a portion of the damage you do while in the area of effect. In most cases, uncharged Megiverse works well enough. JA a Moment Gale after this to heal yourself off anything that happens to be caught in the area of effect. Alternatively, JA into an uncharged homing technique for a quick heal.

Charged Megiverse has its uses as well, due to the super armor on many Jet Boots PAs. For example, when Falz Loser launches his slow fireballs, cast a charged Megiverse, press Shift and do a sustained attack like Gran Wave to absorb the damage from fireballs while healing the damage right back.


In crowds, use Moment Gale on mobs and try to position jump height such that Moment Gale is high enough to go over most attacks, while low enough to hit their heads. If Fighter, open with an uncharged offensive Technique for the Tech Arts JA Bonus, or on any class combination, open with uncharged Megiverse if expecting to get hit during Moment Gale.

Ideally, reserve the double jump for a quick escape if there is a risk of getting hit. Or if using repeated Moment Gales, use the double jump to regain height. Alternatively, if setup time allows, use Zondeel and Vinto instead.

On bosses, use Gran Wave to break boss parts for a stun or to do damage while trying to jostle for an opening. When a boss sits still, unleash Vinto, then rebuild gear and reset element with charged Techniques if needed and repeat. Some bosses may have openings of only a few seconds. As a Jet Boots user, if they’re missed, prepare for a long fight.

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Last updated August 7th, 2016

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  1. Nazan isn’t a long range homing tech. You must have meant Razan. Also, why do you keep calling Strike Gust “Strike Geist”?

    1. I did indeed, thanks for pointing that out 🙂 Also fixed the Strike Geists, I think an old English patch used to call it that.

  2. I’m going Fi/Bo. What does your subpallete look like? I’m seriously running out of button space for everything. And what do you suggest is a good PA combo to keep on 1/2 weapon slots?

    1. Whoops somehow missed this x.x

      My subpalette…

      1: Limit Break
      2: Rapid Boost
      3: Megiverse
      4: Offensive Tech, element 1
      5: Offensive Tech, element 2

      6: Anti
      7: Photon Blast
      8: Moon
      9: Stance 1
      10: Stance 2

      PA palettes:
      1: Vinto – Vinto – Vinto
      2: Moment Gale – Moment Gale – Moment Gale (TAJA from uncharged Megiverse/Offensive Tech 1 or 2)
      3: Gran Wave – Gran Wave – Strike Gust

      1. Hm. No critical field on the bar huh? I guess you don’t take it in your build. I haven’t used megiverse too much. Safe to say it’s to replace Resta? Is it better?

        1. Ack xD been playing too much BoFi, I’d probably replace Moon Atomizer with Crit Field. And yes uncharged Megiverse TAJA offensive tech or Moment Gale works better imo

    1. 1 Photon Crystal at the Photon Crystal shop gets you Lv1 Vinto, 20 Excubes in the Excube shop gets you Lv17 Vinto, otherwise you’ll have to farm it in Lilipa UQ.

          1. Thanks I got the skill now, one more question is it worth saving 2017 badges for the jet boots wep? I’ve been spamming recommend quest all night and got 100 badges should i save it to exchange for jet boots or just exchange it for elmre?

          2. I would suggest comparing with the Revo Jet Boots collection file – just run the AQ once and see how much it bumps your gauge. if you feel like badges are faster, go for it, if you feel like Revo Cfile is faster, go for that instead. Either way it’s not exactly a short ride to +35, though not that long either.

          3. Well I just got Nox weapon and they actually decent, i think im just gonna stick with it until later, I got one more question tho (sorry asking too much lol just started playing last week and this game is kinda complicated) I’m level 72 right now and trying to hit 75 this weekend, What unit or set should i use? I’m using Prim set right now

          4. Yep Nox is decent, for units, if you’re SATK build, Kaiser + Elmre. If you’re TATK… Shine Double if you feel like grinding PvP and spending meseta on crafting, or just Brisa to hold the slot and eventually replace with Zenesis/Qliph

          5. So i just bought badges weapon, but how do i get the grinder thing to enhance it?

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