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Jet Boots Bouncer Guide Pt.2: Class Combos & Builds

A Jet Boots Bouncer can go for two main routes: Offensive tech usage enabled or no techs, pure Striking. Offensive techs are used to set the Jet Boots element and build Gear, which are discharged with Vinto, so an offensive tech enabled Jet Boots Bouncer has more flexibility and DPS with Vinto setups against bosses. On the other hand, a pure Striking Bouncer can use Dual Blades.

Once upon a time, Bouncer had little to no incentive to be a main class. As of the Path to the Future update, there are four titles that give a total 10% boost to Bouncer (Bo) weapons as a main class Bouncer. In addition, a main class Bouncer can equip 13★ weapons. Bouncer main is now attractive and likely more future-proof.

This guide will go from most mainstream to least.


Hunter (Hu) represents the first of the Jet Boots routes – SATK-based pure Striking. It has skills that allow it to brute force through opponents, and can switch to Dual Blades if the situation calls for it. Turn on Massive Hunter and never get interrupted while charging attacks like Strike Gust. Automate Halfline also heals you when you absorbing hit using the super armor on many Jet Boots PAs.

Hunter’s damage bonuses are as follows.

  • Activate Fury Stance for an always-on damage bonus (1.32x)
  • Perform Just Attacks to get JA Bonus and Fury Combo Up (1.33x)
  • Total bonuses: 1.76x

Use Dual Blades as a backup for Anga, or even other pesky bosses. 10% Title bonus on that is very nice.

A slight minus to Hunter is that Fury Stance does not boost Technique damage. This means Switch Strike should be a given.



Fighter (Fi) is the second of two main routes for Jet Boots – the TATK-based hybrid teching/striking route. A Bo/Fi  can use TATK to power both Striking damage on kicks, as well as respectable Technique damage. This allows for weaving damaging Techs into Vinto rotations using the L/Jet Boots Tech Arts S. Charge ring.

Fighter main, or Fi/Bo used to be popular earlier in Episode 3, but main class bonuses, 13★s and some essential skills being locked to main class, like Jet Boots Escape,

On the flipside, Bo/Fi offers the highest sustainable kick and Technique damage with 13★s and the 10% Title bonus, while retaining access to Jet Boots’ main class skills.

  • Activate Brave Stance and attack from the target’s front (1.5x)
  • Rotate Photon Arts or use uncharged Techs to lead into Photon Arts for Tech Arts JA Bonus (1.15x)
  • Drop below 50% PP for PP Slayer (200 ATK ~= 7% damage)
  • Total bonuses: ~1.84x

Tech Arts JA (TAJA) is practically free. Open with a Technique to either set the Jet Boots’ element, self-buff, or do a tick of damage. JA into a Photon Art after and tada, instant TAJA. PP Slayer is another easy bonus as well, reachable within a few Photon Arts.

Some side benefits are that Adrenaline extends the duration of Bouncer’s Shifta and Deband ticks. Chase Advance also tends to kick in on beefier mobs using Moment Gale, because the built in Zanverse can apply Mirage. After Moment Gale, using an Elemental Burst practically guarantees Chase.

The Technique damage bonuses from Brave Stance and Tech Arts JA are significant, to the point where they can do decent damage with Techs, especially overpowered ones such as Concentrated Ragrants.



Techer (Te) is usually mentioned as a support-oriented combination, done as Te/Bo for the main class support buffs Shifta Strike and Deband Toughness. Techer’s damage bonuses are also on the low side, as follows:

  • Cast Shifta on yourself with Shifta Strike (1.1x)
  • Hit the target’s elemental weakness with Elemental Weak Hit (1.2x)
  • Total bonuses: 1.32x

With another Techer in the party for Shifta Strike, Te/Bo’s bonuses on Techer side drops to 1.2x relative to the other combinations. Te/Bo also loses out on the 10% title bonus and lacks access to 13★ Jet Boots, so its damage lags very far behind other combinations.

Techer’s PP management skills work best with charged abilities that allow for passive PP regeneration, like Techs with Charge PP Revival and Bullet Bow normal attacks. Conversely, Bouncer’s PP is usually locked in place mid-attack, followed by spikes in PP from normal attacks and Shift spin kicks, making them unsuitable.

In addition, Techer masteries work with a single element, while Elemental Stance and Elemental Weak Hit require the use of all elements.

To compensate for low damage, Wand use for mobbing is an option, although damage may be lacking as Bouncer does not offer much for wand damage.

As a result, Techer is usually matched with Braver, Fighter or Hunter for the same buffing and support capability, but better synergy.



(Note: Not Recommended)

Braver (Br) essentially represents another hybrid striking/teching route with less damage, but access to Banish Arrow. Outside of Banish, Br bonuses are on the low side:

  • Activate Average Stance for an always-on damage bonus (1.265x) OR
  • Activate Weak Stance and hit Weak Points (1.485x)
  • Charge an attack with the relevant Stance Charge skill (1.1x)
  • Total bonuses: 1.39x to 1.63x on charged attacks and Techniques.

Both stances will be necessary, because many mobs do not have weak points for Striking attacks to hit, while Average Stance is inadequate for bosses when paired with Bouncer’s the low damage bonuses.

Most Braver skills will not work well with Jet Boots. Attack Advance only boosts normal attacks and not the Shift spin kicks. Snatch JA does not work since Jet Boots use Mirage Step instead of the typical Step, and Quick Mate is of little benefit due to Megiverse being available.

The main draw of Braver is Bullet Bow for Banish Arrow. Much like how Forces and Techers use a Braver subclass, but on a much weaker level. Banish Arrow with charged Techniques and Rapid Shoot Mastery active allows for a relatively safe, decent-damage method of attack on bosses. This means a high TATK bow like Rikauteri is needed.

When Rapid Shoot is active, Deband PP and Elemental PP will be triggered three times per normal attack, which helps with PP management.


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Last Updated 7th August, 2016

47 thoughts on “Jet Boots Bouncer Guide Pt.2: Class Combos & Builds”

  1. Only B+ survivability for Bo/Hu? No Automate Halfline? Can’t really take that seriously… Also, Bo/Br’s stated multiplier assumes all attacks are charged, but they aren’t all charging PAs. Also, no mention of Long-Time Assist or Wide Support for Te/Bo?

    1. Even with Automate the problem with Boots is that they’re melee without the agility of Katana Br/Hu, the infinite airtime of TMG Gu/Hu, the Deband Cut of Te/Hu or a Mirage Escape-level dodge like PB Escape or Mirage Escape itself. There’s 8 classes and I just listed 3.

      When I put a combo in the “A” range for survivability, it means I am confident with soloing Nab UQ with it easily. Thing is, I’m not. If you can prove that a Jet Boots Bo/Hu can indeed solo Nab UQ without multiple pipes to restock though, I will gladly up its rating.

      As for BoBr… you’re right, that’s misleading. I’ll reword that.

      And for Te/Bo… those skills are there to support Shifta Strike and Deband Toughness. If anything I should mention Territory Burst.

  2. I am new to pso2 and want to make a bouncer. I saw both guides on jet boots and dual blades. I was wondering is there a subclass choice or a way to be hibrid? I mean focus both on dual blades and jet boots? Just changing between them when you feel like playing one or the other? My only knowledge is about the races so I want to know if it’s possibile to play both ways and if there is a sub class that allows such a play.

    1. Yep, SATK and W. Lance Gear. Check the Hunter section for why, but short answer is SATK = Switch Strike, W. Lance Gear = for Anga when it resists Jet Boots.

  3. if i want to play semi caster as bouncer pure jet boots, which subclass is better? i will not use the subclass weapon too btw

    1. Fi/Bo has the best damage but you will need Zirenheit and need to be comfortable with Limit Break and Fighter’s front/back stances
      Bo/Fi has 2nd best damage but you will need to work with Fighters front/back stances
      Bo/Br in Average Stance is #3, but that’s low enough that it pairs the weakest Banish Arrow techs in the game with the 2nd weakest Moment Gale in the game. No need to deal with front/back stances though.

      Pick one from those three.

      1. i guess i will go with bo/br then, i’m not a fans of FI stance, can’t bo/br use weak stance instead? why average? is it to pump melee damage while still pump tech? or because weak stance is not good for melee character?

          1. one last thing, if i pick FI sub, can i only use brave stance for almost every occasion? i don’t like changing stance, and if i can i don’t even want to pick 2 stance (which i can’t so i will at least pick it but using it is different matter) how much damage i will lose for not using wise at all, fighting all the mobs and boss?

          2. Well Brave Stance is 50%, so 50% :p There really aren’t that many instances where you will -need- to use Wise. Only Vardha, Elder, Falz Arms and maybe Mizer if you want to wait for it to open its core. But with only Brave Stace you will feel very disadvantaged when fighting them. Even for my Fi main builds, I try to run another build for those.

  4. nitpick on Bo/Br and Rikauteri Techs, Bo main cannot use Rika, so you need to be Br/Bo for that. and even then, Banish Techs as Br/Bo isn’t that bad, considering Light Te/Br are running with the same multipliers for Banish Ilbarta, Gimegid and Namegid, and places where you need Ragrants usually are big bosses which isn’t too hard to land Vinto on.

    1. Rikauteri is Bo-usable though, the icon is right there: http://imgur.com/hNodIRe

      As for BoBr vs TeBr Banish techs… do you have a video that I could refer to for me to revise my rating? I think you have a point and I think BoBr might have a few things going for it like Deband/Ele PP to restore PP between uncharged Ilbartas. But seeing is believing, especially with popular opinion stacked against BoBr right now.

      The best place to showcase that would probably be Nab UQ, where BoBr is at a relative advantage vs FoBr with better PP management on uncharged Ilbartas, and a relative advantage vs TeBr if you jump on the last hit. If not now then after the Braver buff which will let you take full Average + full Weak + instant 3 arrows on Rapid Shoot powered by 2x PP restorate skills which should be a pretty nice buff for BoBr.

      1. Never actually realised Bo can naturally use it since I only really used it for Te/Br and Fo/Br. I only really tried Br/Bo when I was trying to get my Br to 75 after capping Te and Fo. I admit that it is not as ideal for Banish Techs compared to Fo/Br or Te/Br due to EleCon and PPC respectively. Regardless, we are looking at a multiplier of 1.52 with RBJA compared to Te/Br’s 1.32 when usings Gimegid, Namegid, and Ilbarta. I can probably take Te/Br and Bo/Br for a spin at Rodos with ss if requested but I think the numbers already speak for themselves.

        As a JB Bo spec, the advantage that Br grants would be that it does not need to be at close range to DPS, which no other combination can provide.

  5. So far for the past several mths I have been running Fi/Bo with Zirenheit, but today I got 2x Gal boots from tot4. Basically I’m wondering if Gal boots on Bo main is strong enough to contend with Fi main.

    1. If you rotate something like Zanverse – Ragrants/Gifoie/Gimegid/etc – Vinto, Bo/Fi would still be ahead of Bo/Hu for damage because 1) that’s a natural Tech JA and 2) you can set your PP up such that it chows just enough PP for PP Slayer on Vinto 3) Unlike Bo/Hu, your techs actually do damage. Otoh Bo/Hu has Massive Hunter which is pretty nice for facetanking.

      With the 10% title boost, Fi/Bo during LB is still ahead, but significantly behind outside of LB. If you average buffed LB + RB damage with unbuffed damage, Bo/Fi has higher long term sustain, but Fi/Bo during LB has higher burst. Personal preference IMO.

      Reference: http://4rt.info/psod/?vgH3G

      1. I understand that Fi/Bo > Bo/Fi outside of LB, but the qn is if Lizgrip is enough of an upgrade from Zirenheit to bridge the diff

        1. Like I said in that post:

          – During LB, Fi/Bo Ziren > Bo/Fi Lizgrip (Better for SH boss rush)
          – If averaging LB + Non-LB, Fi/Bo Ziren < Bo/Fi Lizgrip (E.g. long fights like Magatsu)
          – Without LB , Fi/Bo Ziren << Bo/Fi Lizgrip (E.g. dangerous places like Lilipa UQ)

          1. Right. The reference link you cited was a bit misleading though when it was all w. Lizgrips, which led me to assume you didn’t factor in Lizgrip > Zirenheit.

        1. If you find rare Bouncer weapons to fill up your Weapon Record (basically a weapon Pokedex), you get a title that gives you up to 10% more damage.

          1. another question
            if i have JB 50 fire attribute when i change element it to light i will kick as 50 light attribute right? or not?

            and sorry for my bad eng

  6. Hey there, thanks for the guides, I was wondering if you have a good BO/FI tech build? I’m kinda at loss on what to put in the FI tree.

    1. Tech build? I’d go Fi/Bo to get more skills to spend SPs on, but if you really want Bo/Fi I’d dump the extra points into Chase. At least it kicks in vs mobs when you Mirage them with Moment Gale. Take Elemental Burst for good measure too.

      1. alright, thank you for the tips! I wanted BO/FI for better survivability, but I guess I’ll give FI/BO a shot before fully investing.

  7. I’m so confused on my mag…. I’ve pretty much stacked a bit with T-Attack and probably going S-attack with it soon because I want to make a hybrid bouncer, but I’m not entirely sure on what to add on my mag.

  8. I know this is old…but the build shown in the video isn’t the same as the one in the video…so it’s a tad bit misleading after following the Basic Jet Boots Fi/Bo build, I feel like I made a horrible mistake and am wondering how exactly am I suppose to use that skill set?

    1. Whoops i missed this ><

      Turn on Ele Stance, Brave Stance and Crit Field most of the time.

      If you need more damage, turn on Limit Break and Rapid Boost.

      If your damage is still low, check your gear. Is it unlocked and attribute grinded? How's your affixes?

  9. Wow, too strong. well I have some idea to play “Paladin” I mean HU/BO with craft ex 13 Hunar Sword,

    [heal hp+heal share] it’s mean this class can heal everyone around by hits, when your pp too low let’s use gunslash+”deband pp restorate” shoot to gain your pp quicky. and more useful PM like Zanverse, Megidverse or attack PM skill to add abnomality to boss sometimes.

    I’m not sure this class is a good idea.

    could you suggest about my idea please?

    Thank you very muchhhhh.

    1. Hunar Sword is very outdated. The build itself i believe a few players tried a year ago.

      I’d say it’s not too good today because a Techer can heal over a much wider area with Territory Burst and you’re stuck with a weapon that’s far below 13*.

      Can still try for fun though, after you get a legit Hu build up and running.

  10. Studying for PSO2 SEA Episode 3 update that never know when release… Planning to main TeBo focusing element weak hit with maximize light magic and play support role (They say episode 3 ragrant is so damn powerful, is that true?). and my Bio Jet Boot is waiting to be purchased when episode 3 come out…. thanks for the guide and my heart is blazing with courage… ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!

  11. I heard lots of people complaining aboutt he fact that Fi/Bo is not a decent combo class anymore due to lack of 13*s and main class dmg bonus, but IMHO having access to LB and an almost 100% crit rate for Crit Strike makes it a OK class combo. What do you think about it?
    If it’s needed I’ll get a 13* and I’ll reset my trees BUT if I have to do it just for a slightly increase in dmg, I would happily avoid the bothering haha (if you’ve some calculations already I’ll be glad to see em)

  12. So im gonna go BO/FI
    What do u recomendamos for a subpalete assuming I followed your recommend build?

    1. For my BoFi palette, I do…

      1: Elemental Tech
      2: Ragrants
      3: Megiverse/Resta
      4: Rapid Boost
      5: Wise Stance
      6: Anti
      7: Photon Blast
      8: Moon Atomizer
      9: Brave Stance
      0: Elemental Stance

      Break Stance on another row since only a few quests will need it.

  13. Hi,

    Love the guide 🙂
    I’m brand new to bouncer and want something that I can not be embarrassing with in the endgame in terms of build. What do you suggest given I play a CAST and want to main boots, but don’t want to give up entirely on dual blade?

        1. Bo/Fi and still use techs because Vinto needs you to use techs anyway, but I affix Apprentice, Modulator and Abil 3 on all my JB-related gear, on top of Power and Spirita

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