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PSO2 Gunner Guide Pt.1: Introduction & Skills

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If you fight a 12-man Emergency Quest boss, and it suddenly skips a phase, open the Nearby Characters window. Chances are a Gunner did it. Want to get your own super damage burst too? Read on.

This is Part 1 of the Gunner guide, which covers the skill tree and directions. Part 2 covers main and subclasses. Part 3 discusses gear and affixes, and Part 4 covers Photon Arts (PAs) and strategy.

Gunner has two sides to it. One is the actual “gun” part of Gunner – the Twin Machinegun (TMG) Gunner. The other can probably be described as Chainer, a class with some sustainable damage bonuses that universally apply across all damage types, and high burst damage in the form of Chain Trigger.

A TMG Gunner is definitely a Chainer, but a Chainer is not necessarily just a TMG Gunner. Here’s the breakdown of Gunner’s strengths and weaknesses as a whole, incorporating both TMGs and Chain:


  • Burst Damage: Extreme burst damage with Chain Trigger.
  • Aerial Combat: Twin Machineguns are excellent aerial weapons, and can stay in the air indefinitely
  • Safe: Twin Machineguns are excellent at staying out of harm’s way, because being in the air tends to hover over many deadly attacks.
  • Balanced: For mobs, Gunner has decent area of effect attacks. Against bosses, it has Chain Trigger and fast dodges.


  • Ground Handling: Twin Machineguns have poor handling on the ground, being close-range weapons with a clumsy Dive Roll.
  • Execution Heavy: By PSO2 standards anyway. Requires more finesse than other classes to position for headshots, set up Chains, and stay in the air indefinitely. Many damage bonuses are lost from taking damage, or too much damage.
  • Short-Ranged Specialist: Loses a lot of damage outside of point blank range, in addition, the long-ranged Twin Machinegun attacks have low to average damage.

Core Skills

There’s five big skills for TMG Gunner to take:

  1. Twin Machinegun Gear
  2. Zero Range Advance
  3. Perfect Keeper
  4. High Time
  5. One More Time.

High Time works for Chainers, but One More Time needs TMGs to be equipped in order to activate, so Chainers can drop One More Time and other TMG-related skills like Zero Range Advance and move on to the nice-to-have skills.

Anatomy of Gunner Damage

Other Skills

Chain Trigger, Chain Finish and Twice Chain
Highly Recommended.
At least take enough for Twice Chain. Very important boss killing skill. Stagger a boss and build a 19+ Chain, then finish with as many PAs as you can throw out in a 3-second window.

Chain Finish should definitely be maxed. Chain Trigger itself also worth maxing for bosses that last longer than one Chain. Most Emergency Quest bosses will survive multiple Chains, so a short cooldown can help.

 Twin Machinegun Mastery

Highly Recommended. Five points to get 1 more PP per hit. Practically, this is 1/5 the economy of Deband PP. Even then it’s still good for PP management for Twin Machineguns.

This skill also gives 5% more damage on critical hits. With this skill, the first point of Zero Range Critical is worth it, at 1% net damage for 1 point.

Stacks with the R/C Strike Ranged Ring for a net 8.15% more damage on crit at +20.

APPR Attack PP Restorate
Highly Recommended.
 Doubles PP generation with normal attacks. Stacks with Twin Machinegun Mastery to effectively triple PP generation.

Rare Rare Mastery Gunner
Recommended (1pt only). Endgame weapons are 13★ and above, so take one point if maining Gunner.

tmg-arts TMG Arts S Charge

Recommended. After using a TMG PA, use a different TMG PA after (read: no Techs), and it will come out fully charged.

Three PAs benefit from this: Aerial Shooting, Heel Stab and Infinite Fire Type-0. With the right setup, this opens some interesting options to change how Gunner is played. Refer to Part 4 for more info.

Toughness Time
Recommended. Negates Gear loss when taking hits. Helps with infection cores and only costs 1 SP.

ZRC Zero Range Critical
Optional. 50% critical chance for 5 SP. This is nice when stacking Twin Machinegun Mastery with the R/C Strike Ranged ring, or the Fighter main skill, Critical Strike.

Chain F Bonus
Optional. Reduces Chain Trigger cooldown by 1/4 of the hit count. A 20-Chain would reduce cooldown by 5 seconds. Helps with landing multiple Chains on beefy 12-player Emergency Quest bosses.

 Doing a PA after a Stylish Roll boosts it by a paltry 1.1x. Using shorter PAs, an S Roll only buffs the first of typically four PAs in a Chain Finish.

Longer PA such Bullet Squall Type-0, Elder Rebellion, Messiah Time and Infinite Fire can work with SRJAB, but there’s typically better things to spend skill points on.

Shooting Up 2, Shooting Up 3
Optional. Take these to boost damage after there’s no other relevant skills to take.

Aerial Advance
Targets in the air take 20% more damage, including launched targets. For builds like Fo/Gu that don’t benefit from Zero Range Advance, this is worth considering.

DiveRoll Dive Roll Shoot, Dive Roll Advance

Avoid. Enables a followup attack slightly sooner after a clumsy roll. Doesn’t make Dive Roll itself any less clumsy, and the existence of S. Roll, L/Forward S Roll and gap closers like Dead Approach and Grim Barrage make this redundant. Take this in the Ranger subclass tree if really needed.

Automate Deadline
  Automatically uses a -mate when your HP falls below 25%. Automate Deadline needs about 2000 HP to be remotely reliable, otherwise taking a 500 damage hit will bring you from 26% to 0% altogether.

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