PSO2 Gunner Guide Pt.3: Gear and Affixes

Gearing a Gunner is fairly cheap compared to other classes. One Twin Machinegun, one Orbit Rifle and done.


Around level 50 or so, get a set of cheap, fast to pick up and easy to grind gear. The game will increase in difficulty, but this set should last till level 70.

Arks Cadet Loadout

 Dio Radiegle NT (JP: ディオラディエグル-NT) 

This weapon is, objectively speaking, not the best weapon by far. However, it compensates in two ways. First, it’s dirt common and therefore very easy to buy from player shops and grind to +32. Second, it’s an NT weapon and therefore can be fed into your next upgrade when it comes along. This makes Dio a great stepping stone to better weapons.

 Eagle Flint NT (JP: イーグルフリント-NT)

More expensive, and slower to grind than Dio Radiegle, but starts its first JA at about 10% more damage than the Dio, and successive JAs will take it to around 23% better than the Dio. Still an NT weapon, so it’s still cheaper to grind than older 12★s. Get this if you need something better than Dio but can’t quite reach a 13★ yet.

 Hiei Set

  • Rear: リア/ヒエイホウヨク
  • Arm: アーム/ヒエイソウ
  • Leg: レッグ/ヒエイショク

Search player shops for these and grab them if they’re under 30,000 meseta. Their set bonus is a respectable 60 ATK and 10 PP. Magatsu and Yamato drop these like candy, so they should be in constant supply. They’re also cheap to grind and affix. Affixing a Hiei unit with 5 fodders only costs 40,000 meseta. That’s less than 5% the cost of affixing a Saiki unit.

This set is designed for low-level characters, so their equip requirements are low. Their defenses are enough to tide through lower difficulty levels.

At Super Hard difficulty and above, its defenses are paper-thin. Squeeze a bit more life out of these units using Extend Equipment. No need to use special recipes, just go as far as default recipes let you go, or Ex.5.

Arks Advanced Loadout

Congratulations, you’ve graduated from the Arks Cadet School! The next challenge is to unlock expert blocks, and the Level 80 cap. Those are gated behind a 13★ weapon grinded to +35, and clearing Stages 1 to 5 of the Heaven and Hell Extreme Quest. This loadout is for getting there.

Since things start getting serious here, consider some basic 4-slot affixes on this set, like Fang Soul/Shoot III/Alter Arma/Saint Fever

 Bullet Revolutio (JP: バレットレボルシオ)
Collection file expires March 21st, 2018

Increases ranged damage on weak points by 9%. All things considered, it’s alright, with the caveats that most raid bosses don’t have weak points and it doesn’t affect Striking attacks.

More importantly, this can be obtained solo, and at your own pace. Pick up the Collection file, then spam Urban Super Hard Advanced Quest (SHAQ) at Risk 10 or higher. This is the most accessible 13★ to get to +35. Gunner has it easy, since every enemy in Urban has a weak point, and Dark Ragne is a very straightforward boss, just break its leg and chain its core.

To get Capsules, start running Very Hard Advanced Quests early – as soon as they unlock at level 40. Accumulate about 400ish C capsules, then convert them upwards to 40 F capsules at Notburga’s exchange shop. Fill a party with friends or friend partners, then run four Sanctum SHAQs with rare drop boosts and fully explore the map. That should get a supply of SHAQ capsules rolling.

 Kosai Hyou (JP: 虚細氷)

10% flat bonus to all damage, with another 10% more damage on statused targets. There’s a few upsides to this over Revolutio. For one, the potential works Striking attacks. For another, this is obtained by exchanging 2017 badges, so there’s no need to worry about Advanced Quest capsules or Collection File cooldowns. 30% per weapon also makes this fairly fast to get most of your damage – only two weapons needed to hit 60%.

Now for the downside. Using this weapon to unlock Expert Blocks will be painful. 1,000 badges means 167 Level Up Quest runs. If you run the Level Up quest 6 times a day, you’ll hit 60% in 12 days, but it’ll take a month to hit +35.

   Kaiser / Elmre Set

  • Rear: リア/カイゼルエルテ
  • Arm: アーム/カイゼルカフテ
  • Leg: レッグ/エルムレシータ

The Kaiser set is an easy to obtain 11★ set. Deus Esca drops them like candy, so grab them from Player Shops for cheap. It has a very solid 90 RATK bonus, 15PP on each unit and decent resists. Most importantly, it leaves the Leg slot empty for a 12★ to sit there.

For Gunners, having a 12★ unit is amazing, because the Twin Machinegun Stance Up ring will be sitting in the Ring slot, leaving no room for a second L ring.

That’s where Leg/Elmre Theta comes in. Not the best 12★, but the most reliable to obtain. Get it by farming 2017 badges from the daily Level Up Quest – typically the bottom quest under Recommended Quests, with an edgy name that has “Chaotic” or “Darkness” somewhere in it.

  Shine / Double Set

Rear/Shine Red gives a ton of ATK and comes from farming Battle Arena points. The Double set bonus gives a ton of HP and PP and is dirt cheap in player shops. However, the individual units have no stats at all and Extend Equipment with a few million meseta is needed to fix that.

If you put in the work and meseta though, a Rear/Shine Red with an Extended Double Set gives more stats than Kaiser/Elmre. Worth thinking about if not planning to go for 12★s.

 L / Twin Machinegun Stance Up (JP: L/TマシンガンSアップ)

Bumps Ranged damage on classes with Stances by 30%. Even at level 1 it’s already a 20% boost to Ranged attacks. This is the ring that killed Gu/Ra, goes without saying that this is a must-have.

 L / Front S. Roll (JP: L/フロントSロール)

Enables S. Rolling forward. Level 1 is fine, subsequent levels only increase the damage of the weak shots during the roll. Get a 12★ unit, stuff a level 1 Front S. Roll ring inside, proceed to get mind blown and wonder why it took four years to add this.

Arks Elite Loadout

After unlocking everything, here’s the endgame, best-in-slot, blow tens of millions of meseta for miniscule improvement stuff. The sky’s the limit here.

 Zeinesis Vulcan (JP: ゼイネシスバルカン)
Collection file expires November 1st, 2017

Extreme ATK, and has a potential that requires a ton of Qliphard fuses which doubles affixed stats and boosts damage by 14%. As far as raw damage goes, this is top-of-the-line. It’s also the only top tier Twin Machinegun in rotation at the time of writing.

 Skvarl Orbit (JP: スクヴァールオービット)
Collection file expires May 24th, 2017

This makes a really good battery. Need PP but boss is flying or burrowing off somewhere? Swap to this and wait. Good for End Attracting random enemies that run off into the distance too. Collection file is about to expire, but this weapon is so good it deserves a permanent slot here. If it ever comes up again, GET IT!

   Ray Set

  • Rear: リア/サーキュレイ
  • Arm: アーム/サーカレイ
  • Leg: レッグ/サークレイ

Semi-rare units from Amduscia Ultimate Quest. The nice thing is they’ll be here no matter how the Emergency Quest schedule changes. They can also be upgraded to the Union set using Union Boosters. To get Union Boosters, exchange 50 2017 Gold Badges for a solo Profound Darkness trigger, then clear the quest.


Twin Machineguns can get away with slightly less PP due to Showtime Star, while benefiting from some HP for being a close quarters character with a dodge that has somewhat tight timing.

All out RATK with a bit of PP and HP from miscellaneous combo affixes like Souls, Alter or Flict Tiro, Fevers and Noble Shoots can work here.

For an affixing guide, look here. For an affixing simulator, look here.


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