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I Got Yokoso’d at PSO2 ARKs Festa ’16

So… lemme get this outta the way first. I got more doujin swag than official swag because it was PSO2 day @ Comiket 90. ARKs Festa happened to fall on the same day and both started at 10am.

I figure every other time of year I can support Sega, but this one time I’d rather support the fans first, so doujin it is (along with some official stuff):


I think I overdid it a little…

This was my first ARKs Festa, and the crowd was huge. It’s not everyday you travel to a faraway land and discover the sheer size of a game’s fanbase in person. PSO2 occupying practically two rows at Comiket should have been a clue though.

Here’s the back view:


Poor Ichitaro

Sega Knows How to Event

One thing I have to say is Sega has crowd management to a science. In-game concurrent players are high in theory because of Emergency Quests (EQs). Especially livestream enquete and boost week EQs. Similarly, the real world event has high attendance because they give you swag like item codes and collectibles:


The theming is on point too, check out the Gal Gryphon (and the cordoned off door behind it). There’s also Falz Arms on the other side.


And then they also show exhibits:


The smart part is after entering the venue, you need to walk through the main hall to get to anything interesting. Every other route is cordoned off. A lot of the time when I was seated up top, I’d see a never-ending stream of people moving in from the entrance towards another exit.

Congestion is ridiculous. Narrow stadium halls are not meant for continuous human traffic. It helps draw random people into the random trailers and exciting junk that happens so they go find a seat though.

The game’s balance may be wonky, content may move at a slow pace but I have no doubt there’s geniuses at work in Sega. That’s some sophisticated event engineering going on there.

Ultimate Amduscia

I guess if I’m commenting about Festa I should talk about this too.

Goukezitsu has the trailer here:

3 bosses, consistent with the previous trend of 3 UQ souls. That means RATK should finally get a 35 RATK 3PP Soul.

Other than that, not much else to tell from the trailer other than that everything shoots glowing purple gunk. Lilipa was blue which implied Ice, therefore weak to Fire. Nab enemies very obviously used Fire so no question there.

Glowing purple gunk probably rules out Dark (Dark wouldn’t glow), Lightning (not crackly) and Wind (not windy). I’m guessing they’ll be Light-based attacks and weak to Dark. Too early to tell for sure though.

I hope the collection file is good, and more importantly, permanent :p

9 thoughts on “I Got Yokoso’d at PSO2 ARKs Festa ’16”

    1. A little :p It’s not too demanding. Just need to know some basic phrases. E.g. “Is this seat taken?” “May I take a photo?” (to cosplayers).

      Getting around, most signs have an English subtitle but the event ground signage is 100% Japanese.

  1. Is the ARKS 2016 Festival Shirt [Ou]terwear tradable?
    I don’t know anyone that went there and/or got a spare code, but I’d love to have it…

  2. Rather than basing the guess of Ultimate Amduscia’s weak element on arbitrary things such as the color of the field or the element of the attack that the enemy seems to use (if you’re going to do this, at least keep it consistent and use one logic across the board to make it seem less arbitrary), I’d rather think of the possible trend that SEGA could be going for. To me, it seems like they are aiming to make the three Ultimate fields each weak to the original three elements of Fire, Ice, and Lightning. With that thought, I’m willing to bet that Ultimate Amduscia will be weak to lightning.
    Recent content has also been lacking in lightning-weak enemies aside from occasional bosses, such as Odin, so that doesn’t hurt the balance of enemy weakness, either.

    1. It is pretty consistent though, at least for UQ:

      Ult Nab – Fiery stage and enemies – Ice Weakness
      Ult Lili – Icy stage and enemies – Fire weakness

      But Lightning would be more consistent with every UQ enemy having a different weakness from their original race.

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