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PSO2 Dual Blade Bouncer Guide Pt.4: Gameplay

The #1 thing Dual Blade Bouncers are known for in PSO2 is their high Striking-based DPS on bosses during Photon Blade Fever. But not all of the game is about pressing Shift ad infinitum on a gigantic, unmoving target. That’s where the rest of the Bouncer arsenal comes in.

A Dual Blade Bouncer has a number of attacks at their disposal. Seven Photon Arts on the dual blades, two fairly straightforward Fields, the full range of Techs along with the basic normal attack and Shift. The Photon Arts all have lengthy animations and super armor, so with good timing, it’s possible to press on the attack without being interrupted.

Photon Arts

Dispersion Shrike

Dispersion Shrike

Dual Blades’ main mobbing attack. A monstrously huge area of effect that sends photon blades flying all around the Bouncer.

Always moves forward, but can be steered left or right. Can also be cancelled by a Mirage Dash to cut the animation short. This PA is considered airborne throughout, so it will always benefit from Shifta Air Attack Boost. JA this after a tech like Zondeel, Zanverse, Megiverse or Shifta to get Tech Arts JA Bonus in the Fighter tree. Can be done after hopping into the air or after a Starling Fall or Heavenly Kite to hover above most attacks from mobs.

Destruct Wing

Destruct Wing

Gap closer. A forward dash and slash with huge range. Has some invincibility at the start, so it can be used to dodge attacks, although the window is not very big. Does very good damage and can one-shot mobs by itself. Also has a fast animation and high DPS – the highest out of all Dual Blades PAs in theory. However, it can be unreliable when used at point blank, as it has a tendency to go right through targets at close range.

Heavenly Kite

Heavenly Kite

Launcher and single target damage PA. Leap vertically into the air with photon blades spinning around you like a buzzsaw. Launches, hits hard and has a fast animation, making this a great on beefy but launchable targets like Garongos, or bosses with huge hitboxes. It’s also good filler for a Chain Finish. Since it takes you into the air, it’s a free Shifta Air Attack Boost.

Another use for Heavenly Kite is to spam it back-to-back as a height gainer, regaining PP with normal attacks and Shift. Good for tall bosses like Gigur Gunne-gam and short climbs on Magatsu. For long climbs, just use Jet Boots or the catapults.

Starling Fall


Essentially a vertical Mirage Dash. Gather a bunch of photon blades around you and launch into the air, while being completely invincible except for a few frames at startup. Dodges attacks like Profound Darkness beams, pincer grabs, energy balls and so on with ease.

While this has high DPS on paper, in practice it can be difficult getting all blades to hit due to its virtually nonexistent range. It does fully hit in some situations though, like when used to dodge the last hit of Falz Elder’s palm push attack.

Justice Crow

Justice Crow

Weak projectile attack. Paint a pretty star and send it flying. The drawing animation will hit targets up close. Justice Crow still has the lowest DPS of all Dual Blade PAs, but has been buffed enough that a Tech Arts JA will make it more attractive than repeating the previous PA, except Immortal Dove.

The two perks to this Justice Crow are first, that it’s the only Dual Blades PA where you stay in one spot throughout, and second, that the first hit comes out quick and it has a relatively fast animation – almost as fast as Heavenly Kite. Use this in situations where you wish you could use a Heavenly Kite or Immortal Dove, but don’t want to move up or down.

Kestrel Rampage


Starburst Stream. Slash a bunch of times with elaborate photon effects and some forward movement. Can be steered like Dispersion Shrike, but it’s not as mobile. Can’t be Mirage Step canceled, but can be Photon Blade Escape canceled. The startup is pretty slow due to the fancy animation of gathering photon blades by your sides.

Don’t use this uncrafted. Go to My Room and craft this into Kestrel Rampage Type-0. It’s essentiallly the same attack, except it consumes your Gear gauge to increase its damage. At full Gear, damage is multiplied by 2.5x, making this an excellent finishing attack.

Immortal Dove


Grounded single target damage attack. Gather a bunch of Photon Blades and slash downwards. Lightning-fast and excellent damage per second – higher than Just Attacking with PBF on the ground. The downsides are high PP consumption, slow Gear generation and sinks the user to the ground like a rock.

Still, this is great for hitting grounded targets. Just make sure to have full Gear before spamming this.

Non-Hunters can use the jump cancel technique to get more DPS at the cost of PP efficiency – hold jump and press Immortal Dove when your feet leave the ground. It’s non-JA, but the speed makes up for it.

Bo/Hus can alternate Photon Blades with Immortal Dove during PBF for very good DPS on grounded targets.


Additionally, Bouncers have access to Techs. For an SATK-oriented Dual Blade build, the support techs would be the main place to look for things to use. The following techs are of note:



Suction tech. Magnetize the floor around you to bring mobs in. With the size of Dispersion Shrike, this is usually unnecessary, except for fast-moving or jump/roll-happy mobs. Good with cross-class weapons though, especially since it triggers ‹Tech Arts JA Bonus›.



Lifesteal buff. For a short period after casting, you heal yourself for a portion of the damage you do while in the area of effect. In most cases, uncharged Megiverse works well enough. JA a Dispersion Shrike after this to heal yourself off anything that happens to be caught in the area of Dispersion Shrike. Alternatively, with Gear, use a normal attack after this and JA into the Shift blade throw to heal off it. As a last resort, use this with Aiming Shot on a Gunslash.

Charged Megiverse has its uses as well, due to the super armor on many Dual Blades PAs. For example, when Falz Loser launches his slow fireballs, cast a charged Megiverse and do a sustained attack like PBF spam with Massive Hunter, Holding Current, Kestrel Rampage or even Elder Rebellion to absorb the damage from fireballs while healing the damage right back.

Due to the nature of Megiverse, where healing is based off damage, more SATK means more healing done, which makes TATK quite unnecessary to a Dual Blades build.



Short duration damage buff. While in the area of effect, 20% of the damage you do is done again to the target as Wind damage. Uncharged Zanverse is good with Fighter combinations to trigger ‹Tech Arts JA Bonus› on the next PA while burning PP to get ‹PP Slayer›. Also good with Gunner combinations to convert excess PP from ‹Attack PP Restorate› into damage.

Charged Zanverse is good in MPAs where either the entire party is burning a target and no one else is using it, or it’s a Falz Loser fight and no one seems to have brought Mirage to break his clock. Take one for the team and spend a second casting this before going crazy with PBF. Just keep an eye out for the telltale green streaks or a Jet Boots Bouncer using Moment Gale to decide if you need to use this.



Mid to long duration damage buff. Key to getting ‹Shifta Air Attack Boost›. Use this uncharged to get a JA window for Dispersion Shrike. Shifta doesn’t trigger ‹Tech Arts JA Bonus›, but as a Fighter with ‹Adrenaline›, it shouldn’t be necessary to Shifta often anyway.



Mid to long duration defense buff. However, the main reason to cast this is not so much the defense, but ‹Deband PP Restorate›. If it’s maxed, try to keep Deband up. If not, don’t bother with this.



Ranged knock. Good for controlling pesky but launchable targets. Damage is based off TATK, so don’t expect to kill things with it.

Tech Cancel PBF

Tech Cancel is a method of rapid-firing Photon Blades during PBF. The user holds a Technique button on the subpalette and spams Shift as fast as the attack interval will allow. Holding the Technique will cause it to interrupt the throw as soon as it ends, allowing for the next Shift attack to be used.

Using Tech Cancel sacrifices the Just Attack bonus, but puts out roughly 55% more blades. Class combinations with Hunter gain more out of Just Attacks, and will therefore lose damage when using Tech Cancel.

Mirureto demonstrates Tech Cancel in action here:


On weak mobs, spam Dispersion Shrike – use an uncharged Tech to set up a Tech Arts JA if desired. On stronger mobs and without a Techer around, cast Zondeel and use Heavenly Kite/Immortal Dove/Kestrel Rampage. Use Heavenly Kite to disable launchable mobs that will become a nuisance if left unchecked, like Garongos and their Ultimate counterparts.

On bosses, activate PBF and cheese them with blade throws. If the blade throws miss or are expected to miss, use Dispersion Shrike to hit or rebuild Gear. If climbing is needed, use Heavenly Kite. On big attacks, use Starling Fall to dodge. During PBF downtime, use Immortal Dove or Heavenly Kite, depending on location of hitbox.

Other Resources

For a better understanding of the trajectory, range and relative damage of Dual Blades PAs. Invertex has a video of Bouncer Photon Arts here:

Kaskade shows some of the tactics discussed in this guide here:

The Japanese Swiki page for Dual Blades here has very extensive notes on PAs, but may require Google Translate.

And finally, for a more detailed breakdown of Dual Blades DPS, especially relative to other weapons, Walkure’s PA statistics thread on PSO-World is here.

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