PSO2 Dual Blade Bouncer Guide Pt.2: Class Combos & Builds

Bouncer’s main role is a boss killer with Photon Blade Fever (PBF). Despite not having main class skills, there are four titles that can be obtained by collecting rare Bouncer weapons, which will give a total 10% boost to Bouncer weapons when being a main class Bouncer. In addition, a main class Bouncer can equip 13★ weapons.

This guide will go from most mainstream to least.


Hunter (Hu) is the universal melee subclass. Lots of damage boosts with the Fury and JA skills. A class using Striking weapons can’t really go wrong with a Hunter subclass.

  • Activate Fury Stance for an always-on damage bonus (1.32x)
  • Perform Just Attacks to get JA Bonus and Fury Combo Up (1.33x)
  • Total bonuses: 1.76x

Hunter subclass also packs utility skills like Massive Hunter – turn it on with PBF and never get knocked out of the air. Then there’s Automate Halfline and Flash Guard to help eat up enemy attacks with super armor.

Hunter’s drawback is that it is very reliant on Just Attacks. Immortal Dove JA into PBF is excellent DPS, but drops the Bo/Hu to the ground, so it does not have a good PBF option for hitting air targets.

See a basic Bo/Hu build


Fighter requires finesse due to positioning-sensitive Stances and need for PP management.

  • Activate Brave Stance and attack from the target’s front (1.5x)
  • Rotate Photon Arts or use uncharged Techs to lead into Photon Arts for Tech Arts JA Bonus (1.15x)
  • Drop below 50% PP for PP Slayer (200 ATK ~= 7% damage)
  • Total bonuses: ~1.84x

Fighter (Fi), when compared to the standard Bo/Hu, is about two things. The first is getting both Tech Arts JA and PP Slayer to kick in on Photon Arts to get slightly better damage. Second is the option to Tech Cancel PBF to quickly throw out a barrage of Photon Blades.

On the other hand, in situations where a Bo/Fi cannot Tech Arts JA, for example using Immortal Dove JA into PBF, damage will be quite far behind a Bo/Hu.

See a basic Bo/Fi build

In earlier days of Bouncer’s release, going Fi/Bo to take advantage of Fighter’s main class skills such as Limit Break and Critical Strike was common. Today, 13★ weapons are much more accessible, on top of the 10% title bonus.

There have also been various changes in quest design that make swapping to Jet Boots for wider area of effect or changing to Break Stance useful. At the same time, Limit Break is very risky for little reward. As such, Fi/Bo can no longer be recommended.


Gunner (Gu) was paired with Bouncer mainly for a combined burst with PBF and Chain Trigger. Tech Cancel can build Chain and stunlock a boss at the same time, to set up a damage spike. In addition, Gunner has a decent amount of damage boosters outside of Chain Trigger.

This is now an outdated build, as Gu/Bo cannot equip 13★ Dual Blades. On the other hand, Bo/Gu loses High Time and so cannot scrape together enough damage bonuses.

Keeping these old videos here for posterity though:


Similar to Fi/Bo and Gu/Bo, accessible main class-only 13★ weapons and the main class title bonus have not been kind to Te/Bo.

Jet Boots Te/Bo is still an option for cheap Techer levelling to get the class cap bonus without needing a rainbow set, but a Dual Blade Te/Bo is too expensive for too little reward to justify now. Check Jet Boots Part 2 for more on Jet Boots.


Check under Jet Boots Part 2. Don’t do this with Dual Blades. Braver rewards four things:

  1. Normal attacks, which Dual Blades rarely use, especially not for damage
  2. Hitting weak points, which most mobs do not have
  3. Hitting weak element with techs, but Dual Blades don’t do tech-based damage.
  4. Charged attacks, which Dual Blades do not have

So Dual Blades don’t really work with Braver. Maybe someday when and if Sega chooses to make Attack Advance apply to Photon Blade throws.

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Last Updated 15th January 2017