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PSO2 – Why I’m Not Getting 13★ Gal NT Weapons

The 13★ Gal weapons are here:

  • Monarchadis (Twin Machineguns)
  • Resangrips (Jet Boots)
  • Stradanis (Wand)
  • Alumisuist (Rod)
  • Glayjadac (Bow)
  • Secfalse (Rifle)
  • Gale Febris (Double Saber)
  • Keimostross (Wired Lance)

Get them with the Kuron collection files. The files expire on October 5th, and… they came at a bad time.

Why I’m Not Getting Gal NTs

The Gal sheets are here for one month, and there’s also only one month left to get the Ray sheets. Personally, I’m getting a last batch of Ray weapons, because I really don’t like the Apt Grafter, Apt Striker and Apt Sniper type potentials.

For one, their range is fussy. My Apt Grafter Boots with more ATK than my +32 Ray Jet Boots does less damage, because Bal Rodos’ jaw is too big and pushes it out of range.

Right next to a boss and the potential already has problems, much less when using far attacks like Shift Period.

For another, the heal would have been nice, but it’s only 1HP when in range, so it’s only good for telling when your potential is kicking in.

If there wasn’t another good 13★ sheet in rotation, they might have been OK weapons to collect, but I’m sticking with Ray since it has a 2 week longer window too.

On the bright side, they gave all Gal NT weapons the option to choose between all three ranges. The long range potential has the most… potential, but is only really useful for the Rifle and Rod.

Regiment of the Wicked

The new seasonal itself is okay for Karen’s Serafi NT collection orders at least, if you don’t feel like doing Kuron Time Attack. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have Anushi-Zagri i.e. paper ghosts, so it needs a bit of extra work too.

Conclusion: Boring update, time to go play some God Eater u_u