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PSO2 New Genesis: A Brief Review

PSO2 New Genesis

Any conversation about the Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis must start with the game’s predecessor’s rocky journey to western markets. Birthed in Japan in 2012, it took nearly ten years for Microsoft to localise the game for online markets. Our Full Dive PSO2 New Genesis review will examine how the game compares to the PSO2 and key takeaways.

A Full Dive PSO2 New Genesis Review

A major concern by our MMO fans borders on what the New Genesis is about. Is it an expansion on its predecessor, an entirely new game, or just an update? The PSO2 New Genesis is an entirely new game that does not ditch its predecessor. Characters created and any cosmetics and glamors collected from PSO2 can be transferred to New Genesis.

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer any previously acquired currencies or weapons even though they can be quickly replaced. Players can start as Hunters, Fighters, Ranger, Gunner, Force, or Techer, each class with its unique features. The game’s stand-out features are combat and movement. It is easy for characters to move around swiftly, perform tricks, jump, glide, or wall kick. Combats are also intense and faster.

PSO2 New Genesis: Love vs. Hate

The PSO2 New Genesis, despite its impressive gameplay, lacks the kind of broad game map we are accustomed to seeing in MMO. The graphics, however, are stunning. Animations are smooth, the terrain is diverse and a pleasure to view. We do not like the game’s story. It is too short, barely lasting 3 hours.